Management – Customer Service: Certificate (Locally Approved Certificate)


The Management – Customer Service Program curriculum provides individuals with training that can lead to a successful career in customer service roles. The purpose of the program is to prepare and remind professionals in the workplace of unique attitudes, characteristics, and skills needed to address customer needs and meet or exceed customer expectations.

The course content in this program is applicable to customer service in places of employment and business in the private and public sector including government, non-profit agencies, educational institutions and essentially any entity that serves the public.

Upon successful completion of the required courses with a 2.0 or better (C) grade point average, a Certificate in Customer Service will be awarded.

Earnings Potential

See details about the Management Degree Program and salaries within this broad field:  Management Degree Program.

Program Requirements

Management – Customer Service: Certificate (Locally Approved) course requirements link. Please note: This link and all links for courses, below, go to the Taft College Catalog, an external website. Plan to return to the Taft College website.

Required Courses

Course Number   Course Name Credit Hours
MGMT 1510 Values and Ethics 0.5
MGMT 1515 Communication 0.5
MGMT 1520 Team Building 0.5
MGMT 1525 Time Management 0.5
MGMT 1530 Conflict Resolution 0.5
MGMT 1535 Decision Making and Problem Solving 0.5
MGMT 1540 Managing Organizational Change 0.5
MGMT 1545 Customer Service 0.5
MGMT 1550 Attitude 0.5
MGMT 1555 Stress Management 0.5
    Total Credit Hours: 5.0

Previous versions of required computer courses, such as COSC 1603, COSC 1703, COSC 1812, taken within four years of certificate completion will be accepted.

Program Learning Outcomes

After completing the Management - Customer Service Certificate Program, a student will be able to:

  1. Make effective business decisions using systematic evaluative information based approaches.
  2. Exhibit a high standard of professional practice by demonstrating ethical and social responsibility in a multicultural team orientated rapidly changing environment.
  3. Use business terms and concepts to effectively communicate them in business language.

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