Live On Campus to Enjoy Easy Access to Taft College Classes and Resources

Taft College is one of very few California community colleges with campus housing. The campus offers a comfortable, secure, and supportive residential community designed for students to benefit personally and academically. Enjoy easy access to classes, the Taft Library, sports, campus activities, and new friends.

Residence Halls

The Taft College campus has residence halls for up to 120 students. You can eliminate the time and complications of a commute to the campus. The College employs a Residence Hall Supervisor, Resident Assistants, and a campus safety and security team. The goal of the Taft College Residence Hall staff is to provide a secure, supportive, and comfortable community designed to contribute to the personal and academic growth of each residential student. 

As a student residing in the Residence Hall while attending Taft College, you will gain an understanding of how to function in a group-living situation. You will learn the importance of respecting the rights of others, self-reflection, conflict resolution, and accepting responsibility for your own actions, which create a valuable foundation for your life.

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