Academic Resources

Increase your engagement, grades, and success! Students rave about these academic resources at Taft College for learning assistance and academic support.

Don’t wait! Check out these resources on campus; know where to go; and set things up at the beginning of each semester or whenever help is needed. We want you to succeed at Taft College, and we are here to support your academic journey. Whether you join study groups at the beginning of the semester or reach out half-way through a semester to the Learning Center for tutoring, or the Math Lab and the Writing and Language Lab for help, our goal is to support and encourage your academic efforts. Our goals are to help you succeed in your academic work and help you manifest the life you want through education.

Learning Center

Need help with course material? Access learning assistance and academic support to help you succeed. Services include walk-in tutoring, small group tutoring, one-on-one tutoring appointments, and supplemental instruction. Zoom appointments and virtual drop-ins available! Learn more:

Math Lab

Taft College provides a dedicated Math Lab where students are guided by classified staff and student tutors. Math faculty are also available in the lab for 10 hours per week. Computers and calculators are available for student use. Learn more.

Writing and Language Lab

Taft College’s Writing and Language Lab provides a quiet environment where students can work on class assignments and papers. Computers are provided for student use. Classified staff and faculty members, as well as student tutors, are available to help. Learn more.

Supplemental Instruction (SI)

It’s the “new and improved study group” as a facilitated study session, plus classroom support. Students rave about the benefits! Supplemental Instruction (SI) participants at Taft College generally achieve grades 0.65 grade points higher than non-SI participants, and SI substantially increased the number of students completing courses for credit with passing grades in the year of the study. SIA is Supplemental Instruction Assistants. Learn more:


Find books, articles, and more in the beautiful Taft College Library. Search for new books in the library, research online databases and useful internet sites, or ask the librarian a question. The Library provides essential writing tutorials online to increase the quality of your articles and papers. Learn more.

Transfer Center

We offer preparation and transfer assistance, as well as help in choosing your transfer school. Learn more about our Transfer Admission Guarantees to many four-year schools. Learn more.

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