Gas Tungsten Arc Welding: Certificate (Locally Approved Certificate)


The Gas Tungsten Arc Welding Certificate Program is both stand-alone training as a Certificate and part of Taft College’s degree program, Welding Technology Associate in Science in Welding Technology. This Program offers preparation for entry into the welding fields in manufacturing, construction, transportation, and maintenance. Gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW) is generally considered to be more challenging to master than other welding methods; however, the improved strength and quality of the welds can be preferred over other faster methods. Demands for GTAW are in a range of industries, including aerospace, bicycle manufacturing, and shipbuilding. The course requirements for the Certificate are listed below.

The Welding Technology Program is designed to provide comprehensive occupational training in common types of welding methods as related to today’s welding industries. This program provides students with manipulative skills and technical knowledge required to perform in a variety of entry to mid-level welding careers in manufacturing, petroleum, fabrication, and others.

The courses and training prepare students to take the necessary code tests required in several occupational fields for employment. The Welding Technology program offers five certificate options:

  • Structural Code Welding: Certificate of Achievement
  • Pipe Code Welding: Certificate of Achievement
  • Gas Tungsten Arc Welding: Certificate (Locally Approved Certificate)
  • Gas Metal Arc and Flux Core Arc Welding: Certificate (Locally Approved Certificate)
  • Welding Assistant/Helper: Certificate (Locally Approved Certificate)

Earnings Potential

See the salary levels for all types of welding on the Welding Technology Degree page. The salary ranges offered in the Kern County, California, region rank at the top compared to median welding salaries in the U.S. Link here for your Earnings Potential.  

Program Requirements

Gas Tungsten Arc Welding: Certificate (Locally Approved Certificate) course requirements link. Please note: This link and all links for courses, below, go to the Taft College Catalog, an external website. Plan to return to the Taft College website.

Required Courses

Course Number  Course Name Credit Hours
WELD 1500 Welding Processes 3.0
WELD 1530 Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW) 3.0
INTC 1000 Career Readiness in Industrial Technology 3.0
    Total Credit Hours: 9.0