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“Your ONE-STOP-SHOP for support”

The Cougar Support Center is here to support students in need of additional assistance as they venture through their educational path at Taft College. The mission of the CSC is to collaborate with on-campus programs and community resources to create a student-centered ecosystem that cultivates a sense of justice and belonging for all, creates an equitable environment, and closes the gap amongst a diverse population. The Cougar Support Center team is committed to offering a holistic environment within a one-stop shop to serve the students’ basic needs which includes but are not limited to the following:  financial assistance, a nutritious and sufficient food pantry, clothing pantry, housing assistance/support, technology, and transportation.  The Cougar Support Center team is here to provide information and resources to combat the hardships which adversely affect the ability of TC students to complete their academic, professional, and personal development objectives.

The Cougar Support Center is located west of the Taft College Student Services Administration building.  Students are welcome to walk-in to become familiar with the location and to explore what’s available in the food pantry and clothing closest.  The Cougar Support Center lounge is also available for students who need a place to relax in between classes.

      Click HERE to access the online request form for the Cougar Support Center for the food pantry, meal vouchers, gas card, or grocery card.

Click HERE for the complete CSC Resource Page.

CSC Hours

January 16, 2023 – May 12, 2023

Monday – Thursday

8 am – 4pm


8 am – 2pm


Contact Myisha Cutrona for additional assistance outside of the CSC resources.

Student Life and Basic Needs

On-Campus Resources

Cougar Support Center Food Pantry

The Food Pantry includes non-perishables, toiletries, hygiene products and even a clothes closet.  Students can also request a $25 grocery gift card and/or a meal voucher for the Taft College Cougar Café. (eligibility for grocery gift cards and meal vouchers are dependent on each student’s financial aid; grocery gift cards request can be made once a month).

Perishable items are available periodically.  Check the Student Basic Needs and Resource Center webpage for details.

Number of Visits Per Week:  3 visits

Maximum number of items per visit:

  • Food Items: 15 total, no more than 3 of one item
  • Hygiene products: 8 total, no more than 2 of one item
  • Water: no more than 3
  • Perishable food items: choose 3 items from the available list (no more than 1 of each)
  • Towels, face clothes, blankets: one of each per semester.
  • Clothing (students can choose during a visit to the center)


If you are a student parent with a child under the age of 18 years click on the link below to learn about additional assistance.

Student Parent Assistance

TC CalFresh Outreach

Taft College participates in a state-wide outreach program to encourage and aid eligible students with the application and verification process.  Taft College CalFresh Outreach (TCCFO) will then follow-up and assist students with the semi-annual and annual reporting to continue eligibility for CalFresh benefits. The Taft College CalFresh Outreach pre-screens students for eligibility criteria only and does not determine eligibility or award EBT benefits. (Click here for more information).

  • Click HERE for the CalFresh Application.

TC Financial Assistance

Students seeking aid or assistance for rent, mortgage, or utilities can call 661-763-7887 or send an email to

Dental Hygiene

The Taft College Dental Hygiene program is a teaching and learning clinic.  Students perform all dental hygiene services and are overseen by licensed dental hygienists and dentists.  This service is available to TC students and the community at a low cost.  As a teaching clinic, appointments are longer, and students appreciate the commitment of all patients. (click here to learn more..)

Health and Wellness Counselor

Students seeking help or wanting to help a friend/student in need can send a referral to the Taft College Health and Wellness Counselor.  Students can also receive additional help resources, including free and confidential personal counseling, mental health, wellness, and crisis resources. (Click here for more health and wellness resources)

  • Self Referral Form – Fill out this form if you wish to speak with our on-campus wellness counselor.
  • Referral Form – Fill out this form if you wish to refer someone to our on-campus wellness counselor.

Community Resources

You can donate to help support the Cougar Support Center

Simply click on the button below to donate the Basic Needs program fund that supports the Cougar Support Center.  The Employee Giving form is also available for Taft College employees interested in committing to monthly donations to the Basic Needs Fund.

Employee Giving Form

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