New Health Benefit Launches for Taft College Students! 

Taft College Introduces TimelyCare, its 24/7 Online On-Demand Medical and Mental Healthcare Platform. 

As the number of students experiencing anxiety and depression continues to grow, Taft College feels a need to play a critical role as providers of medical and mental health services. Due to the limited hours available with our mental health counselor and the lack of mental health providers nationwide, Taft College has entered into a system-wide agreement with TimelyCare. TimelyCare is the market leader and the only telehealth provider that is 100% focused on the higher education sector, providing on-demand 24/7 medical, on-demand 24/7 "TalkNow" mental and emotional support, scheduled counseling, psychiatry, and health coaching services. 

This mental health partnership provides support and resources to our students dealing with daily life struggles and challenges. Offering mental health services to all students is an excellent opportunity to improve emotional stability and increase health equity for all of us.

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