Veterans' Services

Welcome, Veterans, to Taft College! We are located in the Administration & Student Services building in the Counseling Center. The mission of Veterans Services is to meet the educational needs of qualifying veterans, reservists, and dependents of veterans.

The Taft College Veteran Handbook is designed to provide assistance with education benefit requirements. This handbook includes checklists as well as information about Taft College programs and services. Pick up a copy at the Admissions and Records Office or download the Taft College Veteran Handbook (PDF) to get started.

Visit the DVA GI Bill website to review options and requirements of programs, and to apply for benefits.

Lisa Brettschneider
School Certifying Official
Phone: 661-763-7756

Dr. Vicki Jacobi
Veterans’ Counselor
Phone: 661-763-7719
Fax: 661-763-7758

Veterans Services at Taft College, a Veterans Administration (VA)-approved institution of higher learning and training facility, assists veterans and their dependents with student support resources and access to their VA educational benefits earned by serving in the armed forces of the United States.

Certification Services include:

  • Instructions on requesting certification from Taft College;
  • Monitoring of course enrollment and reporting of enrollment to the VA;
  • Coordination with Business Services for tuition reimbursement from the VA;
  • Coordination with other colleges for students who enroll at Taft College as Guest Students.

Counseling Services include:

  • Assistance in selecting the appropriate Taft College major;
  • Assistance in selecting VA-approved courses and registration;
  • Completion of an approved Student Educational Plan;
  • Guidance on maximizing benefits at Taft College for graduation and transfer.

For questions on your certification status, please contact Lisa Brettschneider.

For questions on beginning the Veteran enrollment process, please contact Dr. Vicki Jacobi.

We look forward to serving you at Taft College!

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