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What can TRIO-Student Support Services offer you

Academic Advising – Our TRIO-SSS Counselor and Advisor will work with you to select the classes that will apply to your chosen major. We advise you on which courses will both complete your degree requirements here at Taft College and meet degree requirements at your chosen transfer university.


Priority Registration – It’s much easier to plan for a timely graduation, when you know you will be able to get into your classes.  Priority registrations will help ensure that the classes you need are open.


Transfer Assistance – We will help you explore the variety of options available to you and help you decide what transfer school best suits your goals. We plan to host campus visits so you can see firsthand what opportunities are available at the 4-yr colleges and universities.


Financial Aid & Scholarship Assistance –The TRIO-SSS advisor can help explain the financial aid process and assist you in finding and obtaining scholarships.


Tutoring – Sometimes college courses are more difficult than you expect and it’s helpful to have a peer who has been through the course before to ask questions to help you understand the material. The TRIO-SSS program can introduce you to our Math/Writing tutors or find a peer tutor in other subject areas.


Workshops – Many of us begin college without the proper study skills necessary to succeed in college level courses. The TRIO-SSS program can provide the support and guidance on how to get organized and study more efficiently.