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Student Resource Center Request

The Student Resource Center (SRC) is the food pantry of Taft College. The SRC is available to enrolled Taft College students. Make sure to completely fill out the form below to request your items.

If you request resources directly from the SRC, refer to the limit of each item (below the text box). If you go over the limit in your request, you will be given the items in the order in which they are listed, up to the defined limit. You will receive an email confirmation within 24 hours. Remember to check the student equity page, to see an up-to-date list of what is available in the SRC and to review the protocol for picking up your requested items.

Meal vouchers can be requested once a week and can only be used by the student whose name appears on the voucher. Grocery Gift cards can be requested twice a month and counts towards one of the weekly SRC visit (students are allowed 3 visits per week). You will receive an email confirmation within 72 hours for a meal voucher or grocery gift card.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Receiving a meal voucher or grocery store gift card can affect your financial aid. Call the financial aid department (661-763-7762) or send an email to if you have questions.

Click Here to request a meal voucher or grocery store gift card.