Placement Testing/Assessment Services

NOTE: Students are no longer required to take placement exams for their Math and English courses. The appropriate courses will be determined by your high school performance and program of choice.

Your next “Step To Success” is determining what English and Math courses to take. With the passing of California Assembly Bill 705 (AB 705), you no longer have to take a standardized test to determine your placement. Your placement will be based on your high school performance, your self-reported information, and other important multiple measures. 

See our Self-Assessment tools. Please complete the Pre-Assessment Questionnaire (PAQ) and our assessment department will respond to you via email with placement recommendations and your next steps.

Testing Hub: The Taft College Testing Center is located in the Student Services Building across from Disabled Student Programs and Services.

Phone: 661-763-7738
Email: Donna Montoya

The mission of the Taft College Testing Center is to assist faculty and students in administering on campus, distance education, make-up, and special accommodation services. Staff is committed to fostering a positive campus climate by promoting mutual respect and supporting cultural diversity within our community. The Center provides a clean, fair, comfortable, and safe testing environment for the Taft College community.

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