Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Baccalaureate in Dental Hygiene Administration Degree Program


Q1:  How can I apply to the B.S. in Dental Hygiene Administration (BSDHA) Program?

A:  It is projected that around March 1, 2024 the application will be available. It will be an online document located on the dental hygiene webpages.

Q2:  How long is the program?

A:  It is designed as a two-year program if a student already has completed all lower-division general education requirements. If not, the student may be required to additional courses to meet graduation credits for the baccalaureate degree. Since the BSDHA students are expected to be working dental hygienists, there will be two courses offered per semester. There are 40 upper division units required for the program.

Q3:  Do I have to take two classes each semester?

A:  If you want to stay on track for the two years, two courses should be completed each semester. If you can only take one course, your completion date is extended. It is not known at this time how often each course will be offered. The curriculum is designed for each course  to be offered once per year, at this time.

Q5:  Is it possible to complete the program faster?

A:  At this time there is no option to complete the program faster than the two years. It is anticipated that the future will see changes and more options for students.

Q6:  How much does the program cost?

A:  Each course has the Community College fee of $46 per unit PLUS $ the Higher education fee of $84 per unit, a total of $130.00 per unit. Most courses are 3 units each. Financial aid may be available. The student must physically reside in the state of California. The Taft College Financial Aid office can assist with additional information.

Q7:  Are classes offered in the daytime or evening?

A: This program is entirely online. It will depend on the course instructor if they want to offer a live class online or an asynchronous course (not live) course. However, the courses are designed to be flexible so that students who are working can complete them.

Q8:  When does the program start?

A:  It is projected to begin in Fall 2024.