CTE Program Areas

Career Technical Education at Taft College offers program in a variety of areas tailored to your interests and passions. Explore each CTE program area below to learn more about the programs we offer.

Administrative Services

Get ahead of your competition for office and support positions! The Administrative Services Program provides individuals with foundation educational training and skills in general office principles, procedures, and operations. The Program prepares students to enter entry- to mid-level positions in places of business and organizations as office and support personnel. Learn more.

Allied Health

This career training is in demand! Allied health is a term for health professions that are distinct from medicine and nursing. Taft College Allied Health Programs enable you to start a new career faster than you may realize. These courses provide students the opportunity to gain practical and theoretical knowledge in specific disciplines within the Allied Health field. Career possibilities might include psychological technician, medical assistant, and laboratory assistant. Learn more. 

Business Administration

We offer exceptional foundational training in accounting, economics, and more! Get started in a new position or advance into a degree program. The Business Administration Program is designed for students interested in business with a variety of options. Choose from certificates for enhanced employment, associate degrees for entry level positions, or earn credits you can transfer for an advanced degree. The Program is the foundation for accounting and economics, and students apply the Program's methodologies to assess fiscal and monetary policies in the marketplace. This is a transfer degree. Learn more.

Court Reporting

Get ready for your certification exam, and more! The Court Reporting Program is designed to provide the academic foundation and technical training to be certified shorthand reporters. It prepares students to take the California Court Reporters’ Board examination for certification. The courses listed meet the requirements of the Court Reporter’s Board of California and for an Associate in Science Degree in Court Reporting at Taft College. Learn more.

Criminal Justice

For a career in law enforcement and corrections, this is a great first step! The Criminal Justice Administration degree or certificate prepares students for this career path, and supports those already employed in the field who desire to increase their proficiency or to improve career opportunities. Students will gain knowledge to apply principles of the justice system in a variety of settings, including law enforcement and corrections. Emphasis is placed on arrest, search and seizure, human relations, and concepts of criminal law. There are pre-employment physical considerations; students are advised to consult with the instructors before applying for a criminal justice position. Learn more.

Dental Hygiene

Taft College Dental Hygiene graduates are in demand! The Taft College Dental Hygiene Program inspires and teaches dental hygiene care that is comprehensive in its technical excellence and in its orientation to an awareness of the total health needs of the individual patient. The Program gives students the knowledge, experience, and educational requirements necessary to take the state and national board examinations. As the world’s understanding of preventive and restorative oral health care grows, so does the need for oral health professionals. Learn more.

Direct Support Education

Get an employment advantage! This program is for students interested in seeking employment in the field of developmental disabilities. The Direct Support Education Program equips current and future professionals to be more effective communicators with others and in understanding the system that is part of the developmental disabilities field.

Students learn general guidelines and documentation methods and the importance of confidentiality, as well as how to support people in effectively and safely managing their basic health needs, including self-advocacy and safety. Courses cover topics that deal with a wide variety of personal perspectives, cultures, and life circumstances. Students examine general learning principles to more effectively communicate with others in a variety of settings. Learn more.

Early Care, Education, and Family Studies

Taft College can help you advance in several fields! The Program offers certificates in Early Childhood Education, Early Intervention (special needs), Family Child Care, Assistant and Associate Teacher, and several specialization certificates that satisfy the specialization requirement for the Master Teacher Permit. Taft College’s Early Childhood Program is unique in that it provides students with a lab school. It offers courses in Infant Massage and Reading Infant Cues, and various other unique courses taught by experts in the field. The community of Taft, California is very supportive of Taft College, and students often get to visit with other professionals in the field during quad activities, fundraisers, and workshops. Learn more.

Energy Technology

Increase your income and career mobility! Open up a new career as a technician or other industry staff position. The Energy Technology Program provides training and education in technical and professional skills to enable individuals to work in the energy industry. Technicians with the education and training can provide support and assistance to engineers, geologists, and operations staff in a variety of career and job types. Skills attained will be transferable to other related professions, such as manufacturing, food processing, renewable/alternative energy fields, and others. Learn more.

General Business

Become an essential member of the business team! The General Business Program provides individuals with foundation educational training and skills in general business principles, procedures, and operations. Learn more.


Advance to a management position! The Management Program prepares students to step into leadership and management roles in the workplace. It is also ideal for individuals wanting to advance their careers into management positions – from communication and customer service to conflict resolution, managing organizational change, and general business operations. Skills in these areas are needed by businesses and organizations in order to be successful. Students may earn an Associate in Science Degree, a Certificate of Achievement, or a Locally Approved Certificate in Management. Learn more. 

Occupational Safety and Health

Move ahead with an in-demand industry position in employee health and safety! Our Occupational Safety and Health Program provides training and education in various aspects of the health and safety industries, such as oil and gas, energy, construction, and manufacturing.  It is ideal for those wishing to learn more about California Occupational Health Safety Health (Cal/OSHA) policies, expectations, and requirements. Learn more.

Welding Technology

Significantly increase your earnings potential! The Welding Technology Program offers an Associate in Science degree and five certificate options. The Program provides comprehensive occupational training in common types of welding methods as related to today’s welding industries. This Program will provide students with manipulative skills and technical knowledge required to perform in a variety of entry to mid-level welding careers in manufacturing, petroleum, fabrication, and others. The courses and training prepare students to take the necessary code tests required in several occupational fields for employment. Learn more.