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It’s a great idea to schedule a tour to come and see the Transition to Independent Living program in action. A tour will give an applicant a better feel for whether or not they want to apply. It also provides them with background information for that first interview should they be interested/accepted to interview. Regional Center Service Coordinators and other para-professionals are invited to schedule an informational tour with your clients or on your own.

Intake schedules tours by appointment only, you may  schedule a tour through Brittany Brown: 661 763-7775 or When you arrive for a tour, park in the parking lot and check in at the Center for Independent Living building.

Entrance Criteria

Applicants for the program are selected from referrals made primarily by California Regional Centers. Guidelines for making a referral are available in the TIL Application packet (#9) or from TIL Intake.

The following criteria are used to determine acceptance of a student into the program:

The applicant must…

  • be over 18 years of age
  • meet Regional Center criteria.
  • be able to function without attendant care.
  • have completed a high school or learning resource program.
  • not have a current or chronic history of arrest or probation.
  • be exempt from current or chronic history of inflicting physical harm to him/herself or others.
  • be free of any medical condition that is communicable by casual contact.
  • have an income (including SSI) equivalent to cost of room and board.
  • give written consent to inform and include parents with issues posing a threat to independent living.
  • agree to attend and participate in the Taft College Career Education program and required classes.
  • possess self-help skills and be able to safely function in his/her own dormitory without direct supervision during non-program hours.
  • express desire to participate in the program. He/she must be motivated to live independently, agree to the time frame of the program hours, agree to honor the TIL rules and to participate in training and instruction during those hours.
  • recognize that upon acceptance all students are on a probationary status until successful completion of one semester.The pre-screening committee must agree that:review of required intake information indicates the program to be educationally appropriate and the least restrictive environment for the applicant.
  • review of required intake information indicates the applicant’s individual needs can be appropriately served by the program staff and/or community resources

 Information Packet

Once a student is accepted to the program, service coordinators will receive information regarding POS, contacts for TIL and the process for ongoing case management.

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