ASO Forms

Event Request Form

The Event Request Form must be submitted and approved prior to hosting events on campus. The electronic form is located under Campus Life on the home page. Once the form is submitted, the requestor will receive an email response approving/denying the event. If the event is approved, the requestor will need to submit a Maintenance or IT help ticket located at the top of the home page for equipment or technical set up.

Notice: Any form submission that requires a response from Maintenance will require 7 days prior notice.

Complete the Event Request form.

Event Report Form

Event Reports should be submitted after hosting events on campus. It is an electronic log of the outcome of each event.

Submit an Event Report.

ASO Check Request

The ASO Check Request should be completed by the club treasurer to cover club costs and/or fees paid by the advisor or a student member. Check request must be signed by the club advisor and a student member before turning it into the Student Life Office (Student Center Office #305). Receipts and supporting documents must be turned in with the check request in order for the reimbursement to be approved. Check requests are turned into the Dean of Student Success and the Vice President of Student Services every Thursday. (Note: completed check request and receipts can also be emailed to

Download the ASO Check Request form (PDF).

ASO Prize/Gift Card Receipt

The ASO receipt for prizes and gift cards is for any club that plans to give away prizes or gift cards using their club fund out of the ASO budget. Club members or the advisor will need to have the recipient of the gift card and/or prize sign this form and turn it in with the ASO check request and the purchase receipt in order to get reimbursed. This document is a fillable document. All fields can be filled out online, but the gift card recipient must sign the form and the club member or advisor giving out the prize/gift must sign their initial next to the recipient’s signature.

Download the Prize/Gift Card Receipt form (PDF).

New Clubs

  1. ASO-New-Club-Petition (PDF) is used to begin a club on campus. Students requesting to begin a club must complete the petition and collect twenty-five signatures from Taft College students approving the club mission.
  2. The student must identify the Advisor and the club board/officer positions.
  3. The club must create a club constitution. Sample Club Constitution Template (PDF) can be used to assist new clubs with creating a constitution. All clubs need a constitution in order to be considered a sanctioned club.

Once the first three steps are completed, the petition, list of officers and advisor, and the constitution must be turned in or emailed to the ASO executive board for approval.

  • ASO Grant Request (PDF) should be completed by any Taft College, sanctioned club in need of additional funding for conferences, projects, etc. Grant requests must be approved by the ASO Executive Board; approvals are contingent on the current budget. The total amount of the grant shall not exceed $1000 (one thousand dollars). New clubs can request a grant in the amount of $200 (two hundred dollars) to help start their club.
  • ASO Application to Run for Office (PDF) can be completed by any student interested in running for an ASO executive board position or the student trustee. To be eligible for an ASO board position, the student must hold a cumulative 2.0 GPA and must have completed at least one semester at Taft College. In order to be eligible for the student trustee position, the student must be in good standing with the college and must be a California Resident at the time of running. Both positions require a minimum enrollment of 5 units. Applications are due in April and should be turned into the Student Life Office or emailed to

Information for Club Field Trips

In order for clubs to host field trips, the club advisor must complete and submit an Absence Request and a field trip packet to the Vice President of Student Service at least one month prior to the trip. Click on the link below to learn about the travel policy.  If club funds are to be used for gas, meals, and such expenses, they should be included on the Absent Request form. Each student must sign the Student Waiver prior to participating in off-campus club events.