Prerequisite Clearance


When a course has a prerequisite, it means that a student must possess a certain body of knowledge to be successful in the course. The preexisting knowledge may be a placement preparation score, or successful completion of a course.

Students are responsible for meeting prerequisites as stated in the class schedule and college catalog. Students who do not meet stated prerequisites may be unable to register for or may be dropped from the class. Thus the purpose of prerequisites, co-requisites and advisories is to enhance a student’s chances of success in a desired course. Students may request to be cleared for the required prerequisites by providing documentation of that verifies that the prerequisite has been met.

What is a "prerequisite"?

Specific courses you must successfully complete with a “C” or better before you can enroll for another specific course. Students must satisfy prerequisites and any other stated conditions before enrolling in a course. If you did not complete the prerequisite at Taft College, you will need to show that you have satisfied the requirement based on your academic history and transcripts.

Request Prerequisite Clearance

You may request to be cleared for required prerequisite courses by providing documentation that verifies you've met the necessary requirements. You may submit an online request using the form below, or you can complete and return the paper Prerequisite Clearance Request form (PDF).

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