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Allied Health/ Applied Technologies

Full-Time Faculty

Name Title Email
Kanoe Bandy Division Chair & Professor of Business and Physical Education kbandy@taftcollege.edu
Christi Adriano Associate Professor of Dental Hygiene cadriano@taftcollege.edu
Diana Champion Professor of Dental Hygiene dchampion@taftcollege.edu
Gina Gardner Associate Professor of Dental Hygiene ggardner@taftcollege.edu
Eric Hershkowitz Professor of Dental Hygiene ehershkowitz@taftcollege.edu
Vince Maiocco Head Baseball Coach and Professor of Health and Physical Education vmaiocco@taftcollege.edu

English Language Arts

Full-Time Faculty

Name Title Email
Kamala Carlson Division Chair & Professor of English kcarlson@taftcollege.edu
Christopher Chung-Wee Professor of English cchungwee@taftcollege.edu
Bill Devine Professor of English bdevine@taftcollege.edu
Geoffrey Dyer Professor of English gdyer@taftcollege.edu
Danielle Kerr Professor of English dkerr@taftcollege.edu
Kelly Kulzer-Reyes Professor of ESL kkulzer@taftcollege.edu

Business, Arts, & Humanities

Full-Time Faculty

Name Title Email
Debora Rodenhauser Division Chair & Professor of Art drodenhauser@taftcollege.edu
Adam Bledsoe Professor of Economics and Business abledsoe@taftcollege.edu
John Eigenauer Professor of Philosophy jeigenauer@taftcollege.edu
Julian Martinez Professor of Spanish jmartinez@taftcollege.edu
Jason Page Associate Professor of Business jpage@taftcollege.edu
Lori Travis Associate Professor of Speech ltravis@taftcollege.edu

Learning Support

Full-Time Faculty

Name Title Email
Joe'll Chaidez Counselor and SLO coordinator jchaidez@taftcollege.edu
Amar Abbott High Tech Center- Access Specialist aabbott@taftcollege.edu
Antonio Alfaro Learning Disabilities Specialist aalfaro@taftcollege.edu
Darcy Bogle Counselor dbogle@taftcollege.edu
Jill Brown Counselor jbrown@taftcollege.edu
Candace Duron Counselor cduron@taftcollege.edu
Chris Flachmann Counselor cflachmann@taftcollege.edu
Lourdes Gonzalez Counselor lgonzalez@taftcollege.edu
Victoria Jacobi Articulation Officer/Counselor vjacobi@taftcollege.edu
Janis Mendenhall Counselor jmendenhall@taftcollege.edu
Juana Rangel-Escobedo Counselor jescobedo@taftcollege.edu
Terri Smith Research & Instruction Librarian tsmith@taftcollege.edu
Lori Sundgren Pre-collegiate Coordinator lsundgren@taftcollege.edu
Tony Thompson Professor of Health & Athletics Advisor tthompson@taftcollege.edu

Mathematics & Science

Full-Time Faculty

Mike Mayfield Division Chair & Professor of Chemistry mmayfield@taftcollege.edu
Wendy Berry Professor of Life Sciences wberry@taftcollege.edu
Paul Blake Associate Professor of Engineering pblake@taftcollege.edu
Nathan Cahoon Associate Professor of Mathematics ncahoon@taftcollege.edu
Shelley Getty Professor of Mathematics sgetty@taftcollege.edu
Greg Golling Professor of Life Sciences ggolling@taftcollege.edu
Abbas Jarrahian Associate Professor of Biological Sciences ajarrahian@taftcollege.edu
Diane Jones Professor of Mathematics djones@taftcollege.edu
Steve Lytle Professor of Life Sciences slytle@taftcollege.edu
Mariza Martinez Professor of Mathematics mmartinez@taftcollege.edu
James May Professor of Chemistry jmay@taftcollege.edu
David Mitchell Associate Professor of Mathematics dmitchell@taftcollege.edu
Ruby Payne Professor of Mathematics rpayne@taftcollege.edu
David Reynolds Professor of Physical Sciences dreynolds@taftcollege.edu
Joy Reynolds Professor of Mathematics jreynolds@taftcollege.edu
Chris Taylor Associate Professor of Chemistry ctaylor@taftcollege.edu
Kyle Webster Associate Professor of Life Sciences kwebster@taftcollege.edu

Social Sciences

Full-Time Faculty

Mike Jiles Division Chair & Professor of Administration of Justice mjiles@taftcollege.edu
Jennifer Altenhofel Professor of History jaltenhofel@taftcollege.edu
Michelle Beasley Professor of ECEF mbeasley@taftcollege.edu
Sharyn Eveland Professor of Psychology seveland@taftcollege.edu
Salvador Jimenez-Murguia Associate Professor of Sociology sjm@taftcollege.edu
Tina Mendoza Professor of History tmendoza@taftcollege.edu
Michelle Oja Professor of Psychology moja@taftcollege.edu
Robin Polski Professor of ECEF and Psychology rpolski@taftcollege.edu
Becky Roth Professor of ECEF broth@taftcollege.edu