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Technical Review Committee Members

In addition to checking grammar, syntax, and accuracy, proposal review by the Technical Review Committee assures that all required components of the proposal are present. Technical Review committee members can work directly with the faculty originator(s) to iron out any potential problems. Instructors and Division Chairs are notified regarding revisions and/or approvals after the Technical Review Meeting; Revisions are to be made before advancing the proposal to the full committee review.

Member Title Phone Email
Dr. Leslie Minor VP of Instruction/ Curriculum Co-Chair 661-763-7871
Dr. Vicki Jacobi Articulation Officer/ Curriculum Co-Chair 661-763-7719
Danielle Vohnout Assistant to the VP of Instruction 661-763-7966
Terri Smith Librarian 661-763-7817
Adam Bledsoe Distance Learning Coordinator 661-763-7761
Norberto Lopez Jr Curriculum Technician 661-763-7981

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Curriculum and General Education Committee

The Curriculum Committee plays a central role in the California Community Colleges. This role has expanded tremendously with the expanding role of faculty in community college governance and with the expanding demand for a curriculum which is flexible and responsive to the needs of our increasingly diverse student body. These demands have necessitated, now more than ever, that faculty understand the role of the Curriculum Committee, remain committed to high curriculum standards, and implement the college curriculum in an organized, efficient manner. Members of the Taft College Curriculum and General Education Committee are responsible for the development, renewal and approval of our curricula.

Title Member Phone Email
VP of Instruction/Curriculum Co-Chair Dr. Leslie Minor Tel: 661-763-7871
Curriculum Co-Chair Dr. Vicki Jacobi Tel: 661-763-7719
Division Chair – Applied Technologies Kanoe Bandy Tel: 661-763-7779
Division Chair – English Kamala Carlson Tel: 661-763-7825
Division Chair – Learning Support Joe'll Chaidez Tel:661-763-7962
Division Chair – Liberal Arts Julian Martinez Tel: 661-763-7702
Division Chair – Science and Mathematics Michael Mayfield Tel: 661-763-7759
Division Chair – Social Science Michelle Oja Tel:661-763-7780
Director of Admissions and Records Harold Russell Tel:661-763-7870
Counseling Representative Juana Rangel-Escobedo Tel: 661-763-7898
Vice President of Student Services Severo Balason Tel: 661-763-7810
Assistant to the VPI Danielle Vohnout Tel:661-763-7966
Distace Learning Coordinator Adam Bledsoe Tel: 661-763-7816
Learning Outcomes Technician Brandy Young Tel: 661-763-7944
Curriculum Technician Norberto Lopez Jr Tel: 661-763-7981

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Charter for the Curriculum and General Education Committee