Data Stewardship Task Force

Data Stewardship Task Force

The Role of the Data Stewardship Task Force

  • Develop quality review standards for the MIS reporting process
  • Document the owner and groups that enter and/or update all parts of MIS data
  • Identify, establish, and oversee processes for data corrections at the data-entry level and background data that are based on established data definitions and standards
  • Utilize an appropriate tool to capture new data elements, especially MIS/SCFF elements
  • Fully centralize data integration and validation processes
  • Establish and maintain a data definition dictionary and coding standards for the college’s critical external compliance and internal operations reporting requirements
  • Increase consistency of methodologies and standardization in accounting for services provided.

Agendas & Minutes

Date Title
05/05/2021 DSTF May 5, 2021
04/07/2021 DSTF April 7, 2021
03/03/2021 DSTF March 3, 2021


Position Name email Phone Office
Chair Xiaohong Li, Vice President of Information and Institutional Effectiveness (661)-763-7978
Member Counselor Representative – Darcy Bogle (661)-763-7889
Member DBA/Senior Programmer – Olga Newlove (661)-763-7940
Member Director of Financial Aid – Barbara Amerio (661)-763-7881
Member Fiscal Services Representative – Amanda Bauer (661)-763-7853
Member Office of Instruction Representative – Danielle Vohnout (661)-763-7966
Member Programmer II (Cognos) – Kevin Kasper (661)-763-7794
Member User Support Specialist – Sherry Anderson (661)-763-7913
Secretary Senior Research Assistant – Brandy Young (661)-763-7944