ACCJC Standards Review: Updated Draft Standards

ACCJC Standards Review: Updated Draft Standards


The 2024 Standards Review is underway, and the first Town Hall took place in Southern California at North Orange County Community College District on September 19th. Feedback from the listening session and the online comment portal has focused on the streamlining of process and the reduction of redundancies, along with specific comments about the need for greater inclusion of student support services (particularly libraries) in the Standards and the checklists for evidence.


ACCJC Staff and the Standards Review Leadership Team appreciate the comments and are issuing a second draft version in advance of future listening sessions. We at the Commission hope that this iterative process will continue to focus and refine our 2024 Standards so that the work of future evaluations will be focused on the equitable student success outcomes that all stakeholders value and which bring us together in this community.


Draft 2024 Accreditation Standards (Updated 9/23/22)

Draft 2024 Accreditation Standards with Draft Review Criteria and Suggestions for Evidence (Updated 9/23/22)

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The next Standards Review town halls will take place virtually next Tuesday, September 27th. For more information, a calendar of events, and to register for one of the virtual or in-person town halls, please visit the Standards Review website:



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