ACCJC First Draft Revised Standards

Dear Colleague,

I am pleased to share with you the first draft of ACCJC’s revised Accreditation Standards. This draft reflects the collective work of more than 80 individuals from 59 ACCJC member institutions – including public and private institutions from California, Hawai’i, and the western Pacific. Over the course of the 2020-2021 academic year, this diverse group met in small teams to write, refine, critique, and improve statements for inclusion in the new Standards. I am grateful to our Writing and Reading Team members, Team Leads, Leadership Team members, and to Catherine Webb who has facilitated this process, for each of their time, creativity, and expertise. Their participation and constructive feedback typifies the ACCJC values of peer review, collegiality, and continuous improvement.

As you will see, the revised Standards are designed to focus our continuous quality improvement efforts around the critical elements of student learning, student achievement, and the closure of institutional equity gaps. In addition, the revised Standards have been structured to reduce the redundancy of reporting, streamline the self-study, and to create an environment in which evaluation teams can stimulate campus conversations that add value to the ongoing transformation of ACCJC member institutions.

A copy of the new draft Standards is available at:
A copy of the new draft Standards with suggested review criteria and evidence is available at: 

The Commission and its staff welcome and encourage your feedback and suggestions for how to better reach the goals outlined above. All comments will be considered by the Commission as it prepares for the first reading of the draft Standards at its next regular meeting in January 2023. Please use the following link to complete the comment form: 

Additionally, we look forward to engaging with you at regional and virtual town halls and industry events throughout the fall semester. For more information, a calendar of events, and to register for one of our virtual or in-person town halls, please visit the Standards Review website:

Thank you for your feedback and your commitment to the peer review process.

Mac Powell