Partners and Initiatives

The Taft College Foundation Petroleum Partners was created in 2014 to enhance the collaboration between industry professionals and academics. By presenting semi-annual industry focused events and seminars, the Petroleum Partners continue to make a difference in our community and the future of our industry’s workforce. Additionally, this group of industry leaders work closely with Taft College to assist with building student internships and grant scholarships, and creating connections for students entering the workforce.




In December 2016, the Taft College Foundation honored Chevron with the STEM Corporate Recognition award.  Chevron representatives Al Williams, Carla Musser, and Adam Alvidrez accepted the award on behalf of their company.  Chevron has spent years building the STEM K-14 Educational pipeline to create a trained workforce and transfer ready students in our community.  The Taft College Foundation appreciates their continued support of programs that impact the students at Taft College.

Membership in the TCFPP is an annual commitment and includes exclusive access to events and seminars throughout the year. Taft College is dedicated to keeping the communication channels open, as well as building community alliances for all stakeholders. Through special events, newsletter and digital outlets, we will continue to inform you as well as the community of the partnership’s growing success.

You are encouraged to join the Taft College Foundation Petroleum Partners, which will continue to help us present the best industry-focused events. Previous speakers for TCFPP events include Dr. Francis Flynn, Stanford University, Marita Noon, Citizens’ Alliance for Responsible Energy, Omar Garcia, South Texas Energy & Economic Roundtable, Bob Barnes, California Resources Corporation, Trent Rosenlieb, LINN Energy, and Jim Tague, E&B Natural Resources.

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