Thank you for attending our spring Taft College Foundation Petroleum Partners Peak Leadership Summit on May 17, 2017. We hope that you found Stanford Professor of Political Economy, Dr. Steven Callander’s discussion on looking past your industry’s market to prepare for growth and strategic planning while staying competitive in business development enlightening. The Taft College Foundation invites you to become a partner in our personal growth and development by joining the Petroleum Partners. For an annual gift of $1000 you receive two seats to every mini leadership summit (2-3 annually) logo recognition on website, special media and events, and these funds support the internship program at Taft College. This annual gift assures you of this on-going attendance of our educational summits.



“I was interested to hear that America maybe a place of continuous change … but government and business still interact in very traditional ways giving stability to our economy and reasons to invest in our future,” John Pitre, Chief Operating Officer, Motor City.

“The Summit was a fascinating exploration into often overlooked issues that affect business,”
Mary Barlow, Kern County Superintendent of Schools.

“I thought the topics were extremely relevant concerning today’s business climate. The discussion led by Dr. Callander was engaging and enlightening,”
Xavier Canez, Grapevine MSP Technology Services.

“This event provided a refreshing discussion and is one of the few times you can hear from big-time thinkers from outside our area that keeps Kern County vibrant even amongst outside challenges,” Lauren Skidmore, District Director, Office of Assemblymember Vince Fong, 34th District.