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Disability Support Programs and Services (DSPS) –  Services

A student must provide written verification or be assessed through DSPS to determine a specific disability and accommodations needed. Accommodations and services provided are intended to give students with disabilities an equal benefit from college.


Adaptive Computer Technology/High Tech Center Access

The High Tech Center gives students access to computers, scanners, printers, and high-tech equipment such as a Kurzweil reader and Dragon Naturally Speaking.

Testing Assessment and Placement Center (TAP)

The TAP Center provides testing accommodations specific to individual students with disabilities such as word processing for tests responses, extended test time, orally given test instructions and responses, reduced distractions, spelling and grammar check, and a designated reader.

Alternate Format

Alternate format for required materials, i.e. books in electronic format and enlarged print, are available upon request from the High Tech Access Specialist

Note-taking Assistance

An in-class note-taker and note taking (NCR) paper is available. Students requiring an in-class note-taker are not responsible for choosing a note-taker but may request a peer or class mate that they are comfortable with.

Equipment Usage and Loans

Recorders, calculators, iPads, laptops, and smart pens may be checked out and returned through DSPS each semester based on approved accommodations. Unreturned equipment at the end of the semester will result in a hold on the student’s academic record.

Priority Registration

When authorized, may allow the student to register at an earlier date.

Interpreter Services

An American Sign Language interpreter is first priority to students with a hearing impairment. If an ASL interpreter cannot be found then other reasonable accommodations will be considered.

In-class Assistance

Preferred seating, special lighting or acoustics, space with minimal distractions, and frequent breaks are some examples of accommodations in class.

Tutorial Assistance

DSPS may recommend tutoring through the Learning Resource Center in the Taft College Library. Tutoring is free and unlimited.