Taft College Committees

Welcome to the Taft College Committee Hub. Here you will find a list of committees on campus as well as their latest updates. If your committee is missing from this list please contact the Web Coordinator for assistance.

Academic Development Committee

Published 05/17/2024 in Curriculum and General Education Committee
Published 05/16/2024 in May 16, 2024 Meeting
Published 05/14/2024 in May 14, 2024 Meeting
Published 05/08/2024 in Academic Policies and Procedures
Published 05/08/2024 in Academic Development Committee
Published 05/06/2024 in Academic Senate of the Whole
Published 04/26/2024 in Curriculum and General Education Committee April 2024
Published 04/18/2024 in April 18, 2024 Meeting
Published 04/17/2024 in Academic Senate Council
Published 04/16/2024 in April 16, 2024 Meeting