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The Division of Social Sciences is a unique group of disciplines including psychology, the science of the mind; sociology, the study of how cultures and societal structures are formed; history; and social and behavioral science, among others. The Taft College faculty members in these departments are committed to understanding and teaching about the human world, from the mechanisms of individual behavior to the ways that groups interact and the politics of nations.

Whether you are interested in a career in clinical services, counseling, market research, law, social services, journalism, education, business, criminal justice, public administration, human resources, or behavioral science, the division’s foundational programs foster the essential skills of critical thinking and analysis of human behavior. This skillset is highly-sought by employers in a wide-range of in-demand careers. The division offers associate degrees, degrees for transfer, and certificates for higher education and careers. Degrees are listed, and certificates can be located through the links below.

Guided Pathways will help you with clear, well-sequenced curriculum and program design, and Meta Majors allows you to explore the major pathways at a glance. See links, below. Our Counselors are ready to help you create the most efficient pathway to your graduation or program completion.

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