Fiscal Services

Taft College Fiscal Services

The primary goal of Taft College’s Fiscal Services Department is to support the educational needs of the community learner by ensuring fiscal integrity, and complying with all federal, state and governing board policies. Fiscal Services focuses on budget creation and monitoring, accounts receivable and payable, collections, revenue control, and reporting both to outside agencies and internal management units.

The Fiscal Services Unit encompasses the accounts receivable and payable, revenue collection and control, and fiscal reporting functions. The Fiscal Services office serves the campus by providing continuous budget planning, building, and monitoring in relation with the Governance Council.

Outside reports of fiscal information from State and federal mandated filings, other outside agencies that the District works with, the annual independent audit of the District, and all financial internal reporting demands are compiled and distributed from the Business Office. Daily fiscal transactions and student account activities are audited for compliance and accuracy by the Business Office.

The accounts receivable and revenue collection functions are maintained by the cashier’s office for all student accounts and third parties that finance student opportunities. This ensures that proper cash flow is maintained to better facilitate growth of the mission. The operation is overseen by the Executive Director of Fiscal Services.


Fiscal Services Team

Nick Valsamides, Executive Director
(661) 763-7853
Emmanuel Campos, Budget and Fiscal Analyst
(661) 763-7867
Cliff Watts, Accountant
(661) 763-7751
Sheila Green, Accounts Payable Technician
(661) 763-7915
Nancy De Avila Figueroa, Accounting Technician
(661) 763-7933
Jessica White, Cashier II
(661) 763-7921
Deanne Woods, Cashier
(661) 763-7713