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Parking is free at TC

However, like any institution, certain rules have been enacted to make parking safe and convenient for everyone.

Detailed parking regulations can be found in the Student Handbook, but answers to some commonly-asked questions can be found below.

REMEMBER: All traffic regulations at Taft College are enforced just like on city streets. For example, running a stop sign on campus is exactly like running a stop sign on a city street. California Vehicle Code 21113(c) reads, in part, “all the provisions of this code relating to traffic upon the highways shall be applicable to the traffic upon the driveways, paths, parking facilities, or grounds.”

What does a parking permit cost?

Parking permits are free for all students, faculty, and staff.

Where can I get a parking permit?

You can obtain a parking permit at the cashier’s desk in the Administration building. Please bring your TC ID, along with the make, model, and the license plate number of your vehicle when picking up your parking permit.

What does a parking ticket cost?

The cost of parking violations is similar to that in the City of Taft. Current parking fines are as follows:

Illegal parking or curb violation                      $38

Parking near a Fire Hydrant (within 15 ft.)    $38

Stopping, Standing, or Parking prohibited    $38

Parking prohibited in Fire Lane                    $150

Handicapped/Disabled Space Violation      $450

How do I pay for my parking ticket?

To pay your ticket, send the proper amount of bail in check or money order, payable to TAFT COLLEGE. Do not send cash.

Mail to:

Taft College Student Services
29 Cougar Court
Taft, CA 93268

How do I appeal my parking ticket?

To appeal your citation, fill out the form on this page.