Course Catalog and Handbook

The Course Catalog and Student Handbook are more than just forms and documents. They're tools to help you map your academic future and stay on the right track for graduation. 

The Student Handbook is an important resource containing information on academic policies, major requirements, general education, graduation, transfer information, and more. The Student Handbook outlines your rights and responsibilities as a student.

The Course Catalog

The Course Catalog is everything you need to know about enrolling at Taft College, choosing the right program, paying your fees on time, and more. 

The Catalog covers every type of student and every type of coursework available. 

Need extra assistance understanding the Catalog and how to use it? Contact the Counseling Department at Taft College at (661) 763-7748.

View the Course Catalog

You can also download the 2023–2024 course catalog (PDF).

The Student Handbook

Download the Student Handbook (PDF)

The Student Handbook covers the policies and requirements you need to know to remain in good standing, pass your classes, and graduate from Taft College.

In addition to information on academic policies, major requirements, transfer information, and more, the Student Handbook also contains the Student Code of Conduct.

The Student Code of Conduct is a set of expectations applicable to all students that helps maintain an environment conducive to learning and other educational pursuits. The Code ensures the enjoyment of students of all proper rights and to protect the mission, processes, resources, and constituent community of Taft College. Students, faculty, staff, and visitors to campus are expected to follow the Student Code of Conduct and federal and state laws.

Need extra assistance understanding the Student Handbook and how to use it? Contact our Student Services team.

Damon A. Bell, Ed.D.
Vice President,
Student Services
(661) 763-7810

Melissa Blanco
Assistant to the VP,
Student Services
(661) 763-7854

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