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Taft College maintains a daily crime log that records, by the date the incident was reported, all crimes and other incidents that have taken place on the campus, in or on a non-campus building or property, on public property within the campus or immediately adjacent to and accessible from the campus.

Per Federal law, this log is to be current and available to the public. If this report appears to be out-of-date, call the Director of Campus Safety at 661-763-7872.

Records older than the past 60 days are available by calling the Director of Campus Safety at 661-763-7872.

Note: there are only entries for dates when a crime was reported in the past 60 days.


Crime Log

Generated on October 19, 2021

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  • From: 8/19/2021 7:00:00 AM +00:00 to 10/19/2021 8:14:46 PM +00:00
  • Campus Location: Taft College
  • Crime Type: All Crime Types


Incidents are listed in order based on Date Recorded

Incident NumberCrimes ReportedLocation/Clery GeographyDate ReportedTime ReportedDate OccurredTime OccurredGeneral DescriptionDisposition
21-23Theft from vehicles (x 2)Ash Dorms east parking lot; On Campus, and On Campus HousingAugust 23 20211:00 PMAugust 22 2021 to August 23 20219:00 PM to 10:00 AMTwo students reported their 2 different vehicles were gone through overnight and low-value items taken. Reporting parties declined police report and have not returned calls from Campus Safety.August 25 2021: Closed
21-24GraffitiNorth of CDC off of Ash Street; On CampusSeptember 10 202111:25 AMNot known12:00 AMOld graffiti discovered on power distribution panel.September 10 2021: Closed
21-25Theft from unlocked vehicleWildcat Way, 800 block; On CampusSeptember 19 20215:00 PMSeptember 19 2021 to September 19 20214:12 AM to 4:12 AMTaft PD responded to a theft from unlocked vehicle parked at curb on a city street.September 19 2021: City Police Referral
21-26DUI Alcohol/DrugsWildcat/Cougar, northern part of Lot B; On CampusSeptember 19 202111:00 PMSeptember 19 2021 to September 19 202111:00 PM to 11:55 PMCampus Safety Officer noticed a vehicle driving slowly and erratically around campus and called Taft Police. Taft Police contacted driver after the driver had left campus and arrested the driver for DUI of combined drugs/alcohol (VC 23152(g))September 20 2021: Criminal arrest by City Police
21-27VC 23103 (reckless driving)Lot B; On CampusSeptember 25 20211:23 PMSeptember 25 2021 to September 25 20211:23 PM to 1:23 PMDark gray Dodge Charger CA 5TXL249 was driving recklessly, intentionally breaking traction. Driver was verbally aggressive toward TIL and Campus Safety personnel.September 25 2021: City Police Referral
21-28TrespassingCougar Dorms, Area south and west of Student Center; On Campus, and On Campus HousingOctober 7 202112:30 PMOctober 7 2021 to October 7 202112:23 AM to 12:28 PMCampus non-affiliate wandered through gates and into the Cougar Dorms where he knocked on doors. Video shows subject's total time on campus was five minutes. October 7 2021: City police referral
21-29Theft from coin machineOutside front of gymnasium; On CampusOctober 16 20219:00 PMOctober 16 2021 to October 16 20218:17 PM to 8:21 PMCage around vending machine was broken into, vending machine accessed, and money removed from machine.October 18 2021: Closed