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Article I. NAME

This organization shall be known as the Taft College Veterans Club


The mission of the Taft College Veterans Club will be to serve as a support system for student veterans, as well as family members of veterans and supporters. This organization will help provide information & referrals regarding services through the Veterans Affairs and other agencies. In addition the Veterans Club will strive to coordinate information and services to assist veterans, family, and friends toward successful transitions to careers and/or higher education. The Taft College Veterans Club will be an impartial club, having no political or religious affiliation.

Article III. Membership

Section 1-Membership

Membership in the Veterans Club of Taft College will be open to all current and former members of the Armed Services students with a valid TC ID card, registered at Taft College, in good standing with the Admissions and Records office and fulfilling the registered membership requirements of the organization may be a member who has paid the mandatory Student Government Association fee of $30. In order to guarantee equal human rights for the students of Taft College, equal opportunities will be afforded to all students without regard to citizenship, nationality, veteran status, or physical disability. No person will be denied membership based on race, color, religion, creed, gender, pregnancy, marital affiliation, sexual orientation, age, ethnic origin, or physical/mental handicaps.
Privileges of registered membership will include but not be limited to: attendance at club meetings, to speak at meetings, to vote, to hold an office, to nominate, and to be a candidate for office. Voting privileges will be restricted to Taft College Veterans Club registered membership.

Article IV. Executive Board

Section 1-Officers

The officers of the Taft College Veterans Club will consist of President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer, ICC Representative.

Section 2-Duties of Office

  • President
  1. Enforce the Constitution of the Taft College Veterans Club.
  2. Preside over all Taft College Veterans Club meetings with an impartial demeanor.
  3. Represent the Taft College Veterans Club on all public relations and official functions.
  4. Authorize the use of Taft College Veterans Club funds, with the assistance of the treasurer.
  5. Prepare and Present agenda for each Taft College Veterans Club meeting minimally 24 hours prior to the meeting to all members
  • Vice President
  1. Assume the duties of the president when necessary.
  2. Responsible for advertising all events
  3. Responsible for delegating and helping manage all applicable e-mail, websites, and calendars.
  4. Responsible for attending all Taft College Veterans Club meetings and ICC meetings when necessary.
  5. Secretary
  6. Preside over meetings of the Taft College Veterans Club in the absence of the President and Vice President.
  7. Prepare and submit and post agenda and the minutes of each meeting within 48 hours of adjournment to the President and Vice President. Following each meeting. (Full responsibility for turning in the minutes into the SGA Activities Liaison)
  8. Maintain accurate attendance and activity/event records. including all club correspondence (E-mail, Voice Mail, Mail Box)
  • Treasurer
  1. Receive, record, and deposit all Taft College Veterans Club funds.
  2. Be responsible for maintaining all club receipts.
  3. Have a Present the financial report of the Taft College Veterans Club available at to the club during scheduled meetings.
  4. Maintain accurate fiscal records which are to be stored and located in the Taft College Veterans Club binder.
  5. Aid in the authorization of club funds, along with the club president.
  6. Responsible for the requisitioning of all funds from the Student Government Association.
  7. Responsible for attending Student Government Associations Budget Officers training.
  8. Act as a liaison between the Taft College Veterans Club and all other campus offices and organizations.
  • ICC Representative
  1. Responsible for being at every ICC meeting during their term in office.
  2. Present all information given to them at the ICC meetings at the next General or Officer meeting to be addressed.
  3. Must handle responsibility for contacting backup ICC Representative to find a replacement for ICC meeting. If unsuccessful with backups, then contact Treasurer, Secretary, Vice President, and last the President.

Section 3-Terms of Office

One term of office for each executive board member will be two (2) semesters. There will be an (8) semester limit placed on the number of terms an officer may serve in total.
Section 4-Vacancies of Office
If a vacancy exists for any position, the President can appoint to fill empty position for the duration of the term. In the event of a resignation or impeachment succession of office can also be used to fill the position until special elections can be held for that position. Succession of office is as follows: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, ICC Representative.

Section 5-Impeachment

  • Impeachment charges may be initiated against any officer by any member of the club in writing stating the charges:
  1. Violation of the Student Government Association Constitution
  2. Violation of the Taft College Veterans Club constitution
  3. Abuse of powers
  4. Neglect of Duties
  • The charges will be read by the presiding officer at the next meeting, which must be held within seven school days following submission of the charges.
  • The recommendation for impeachment shall be taken up as the first item of new business.
  • The officer being impeached will be afforded the opportunity to defend his or herself publicly during the meeting, as well as present any witnesses on their behalf before the impeachment vote is called for by the presiding officer.
  • If the officer being impeached is not present for the impeachment proceedings, the vote will be called and their right to present a defense is forfeited.
  • The officer being impeached will be removed from office if a majority of the current registered membership in attendance at those meeting, votes for removal of said officer.
  • A meeting where an impeachment will be happening there will be notice on our E-mail list at least a week in advance otherwise said proceeding will have to wait until proper announcement was made.

Article V. Meetings


A meeting shall be declared to have a quorum if a simple majority of the club membership is present.

Section 2-Executive Board
The executive board shall meet at least bi-monthly during the regular school year.

Section 3-Club Meetings
Meetings will be held on a bi-monthly basis starting in August during the regular school year OR as determined by a simple majority of Club members. To remain in good standing a member is expected to attend at least two (2) of the regularly scheduled meetings.

Article VI. Elections

Section 1-Voting

  • Votes will be taken during a meeting that has declared a quorum
  • Only registered club members may vote on club issues

Section 2-Officers Elections

  • The officers will be elected by ballot at the meeting prior to spring break in the spring semester (starting with 2016/2017 school year)
  • The person with a simple majority of the vote will be declared the winner
  • All officers shall be elected by a majority vote of eligible voting members of the Taft College Veterans Club
  • The President will take nominations from the floor, the nomination process must be closed and the movement seconded
  • The nominated parties will be allowed to vote
  • All voting will be conducted by secret ballot, collected and tabulated by the Secretary, Treasurer, and one registered member of the Taft College Veterans Club, who will be appointed by the President.

Article VII. New Officers

Section 1-New Officers

New officers, when elected shall work with outgoing officers to learn the skills needed to take over the office. New officers shall assume full duties at the last official meeting of the school year

Article VIII. – Club Advisor

Will be required to attend the club meeting in person or have a facility representative alternate. All elections must be overseen by the Club advisor to oversee fair and proper elections.

Article IX. – Committees

Section 1. – Organization
In order to have a committee be formed for the Taft College Veterans Club, a member is good standing must first ask for a committee to be formed for a specific reason and defined time frame. After reasoning for possible to be formed committee, any opposed to formation of the committee will be allowed to make reasons against. It will then be put to a vote by majority rule with a show of hands. The vote will be to form, not form, or be tabled for a later date.

Section 2 – Approval for formation of committee
Once club members have voted on the creation of Committee, for it to become an official committee Committees must be form with a minimum of 3 to a maximum of 10 club members.
After committee members have been selected a temporary committee head will be assigned. The temporary committee head will then set a date and time for the committee to meet for the formed reason. It is at this first meeting that the official committee head will be elected by committee members with a simple majority vote.

Section 3 – Meetings
Committee must have regular meetings and present a report to the Club actions transpired in committee meetings. Responsible for presenting committee material or have a substitute presenting to club members.
Active roster of committee members and there contact information must be available to club officers.

Committee heads can be recovered be a majority vote from the committee.
Committee dissolved by majority vote of club members during a regular club meeting. Sergeant of arms to be elected at beginning of meeting for maintain prompt ness.

Article IX. Amendments

Amendments to the Constitution of the Taft College Veterans Club must be tabled for discussion for a minimum of one week, and then votes will be taken on all new amendments. Amendments will be ratified by the approval of the registered membership by majority in a meeting that has declared a quorum.

Article X. Ratification

This Constitution of the Taft College Veterans Club is hereby unanimously ratified by the membership on this (blank) day of (blank), in the year 2016.