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Taft College maintains a daily crime log that records, by the date the incident was reported, all crimes and other incidents that have taken place on the campus, in or on a non-campus building or property, on public property within the campus or immediately adjacent to and accessible from the campus.

Per Federal law, this log is to be current and available to the public. If this report appears to be out-of-date, call the Director of Campus Safety at 661-763-7872.

Records older than the past 60 days are available by calling the Director of Campus Safety at 661-763-7872.

Note: there are only entries for dates when a crime was reported in the past 60 days.


Crime Log

Generated on November 25, 2020

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  • From: 9/25/2020 7:00:00 AM +00:00 to 11/25/2020 7:51:02 PM +00:00
  • Campus Location: Taft College
  • Crime Type: All Crime Types


Incidents are listed in order based on Date Recorded

Incident NumberCrimes ReportedLocation/Clery GeographyDate ReportedTime ReportedDate OccurredTime OccurredGeneral DescriptionDisposition
20039Warrant Arrest (Taft PD)Bookstore; On CampusOctober 6 20203:11 PMOctober 6 2020 to October 6 20203:10 PM to 3:20 PMBookstore personnel contacted Taft police regarding a non-campus affiliated subject acting strangely immediately outside the bookstore. Taft Police arrived and made a warrant arrest. October 6 2020: Criminal arrest
20040VandalismG Buildings, Dental Hygiene, ETEC, and Child Development Center; On CampusOctober 18 202012:40 AMOctober 17 2020 to October 18 202011:50 PM to 12:10 AMTen windows were broken throughout campus. Taft PD were dispatched to a subject dressed in black throwing rocks at windows at 11:56 pm, but they cleared the call "gone on arrival" and did not contact the on-duty Campus Safety Officer.October 19 2020: City Police Referral November 2 2020: Criminal Arrest
20041 Robbery(1)ASB Park; On CampusOctober 21 20208:05 AMOctober 21 2020 to October 21 20208:00 AM to 8:00 AMVictim was traveling eastbound through ASB Park when an unknown suspect approached the victim from behind and grabbed a bag out of the victim's hand. Suspect ran to his vehicle and fled eastbound on Ash Street. Taft Police arrested a suspect (who confessed) the next day.October 21 2020: City police referral October 22 2020: Criminal arrest
20042Vandalism, TrespassingDental Hygiene; On CampusOctober 23 20209:33 PMOctober 23 2020 to October 23 20209:33 PM to 9:33 PMUnknown suspect(s) broke a window and gained entry to the building. The alarm sounded and the suspect(s) fled. No known loss other than the broken window. October 23 2020: City Police referral November 2 2020: Criminal Arrest
20043VandalismETEC and CDC; On CampusOctober 28 20206:53 AMOctober 28 2020 to October 28 20202:15 AM to 2:23 AM5 windows were broken on campus; 4 in CDC and 1 in ETEC.October 28 2020: City police referral November 2 2020: Criminal Arrest
20044VandalismG Building, Gymnasium, Dental Hygiene, CDC; On CampusOctober 29 20207:11 AMOctober 29 2020 to October 29 20201:00 AM to 7:00 AMSuspect(s) broke windows four windows throughout the north end of campus.October 29 2020: City Police referral November 2 2020: Criminal Arrest
20045Simple Assault (PC 242), Trespassing, Attempted destruction of property (PC 664/594)West of Administration Building; On CampusNovember 23 20204:25 PMNovember 23 2020 to November 23 20204:25 PM to 4:35 PMThree subjects refused to leave campus and continued skating on campus. One subject assaulted the Director of Campus Safety and attempted to destroy his personal cell phone. November 23 2020: City police referral
20046Vandalism (graffiti) Northeast portion of Lot B; On CampusNovember 25 202011:20 AMNot known12:00 AMA traffic sign was defaced with paint.November 25 2020: Closed