About the Taft College Foundation

Incorporated in 2002 as a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation, the Taft College Foundation was established for charitable and educational purposes.  It is the mission of the corporation to advance post-secondary education by supporting the programs and activities of Taft College, which include, but are not limited to providing funding for building and classroom constructions, scholarships, sponsorship for books and educational materials, supplies, equipment and programs.  As programs continue to evolve, the Foundation meets the needs with an emphasis on raising additional money for education and student opportunities.

Since 2009, Sheri Horn-Bunk serves as the Executive Director of Institutional Advancement at the Taft College Foundation.  Her knowledge and expertise of public relations and fundraising has expanded the reach of Taft College.  Her vision for the Foundation includes growth through endowments, program support, events, and special initiatives.  Through the West Kern Petroleum Summit and Taft College Foundation Petroleum Partners initiatives, industry and education partnerships have been created, which enhance student outcomes for work-force readiness.


The Taft College Foundation is dedicated to supporting student success through fund raising and development of community relationships.



The Foundation is dedicated to maximizing support from the private sector through:

  • Endowment development and expansion of existing gifts
  • Investment in approved Taft College programs
  • Creation of additional instruments of giving
  • Management of infrastructure and services supporting these efforts
  • Maintenance and expansion of alumni and donor databases
  • The Foundation works with all members of Taft College

As a private, non-profit corporation, a board of directors governs this Foundation. The principal role of the board of directors is to establish policies and provide guidance in achieving its objectives. Board members work closely with the president, foundation director and other campus leaders to increase private support for endowments to enhance the educational and cultural environment of the College and surrounding community.

Foundation Board Members

Taft College Foundation Governing Board

Bob Hampton

President, Foundation Board
Owner, Westside Waste Management

Don Zumbro

Vice President, Foundation Board
Retired WKCCD Dean of Students

Brock McMurray

Chief Financial Officer, Foundation Board
Taft College, Executive Vice President of Business Service

Rob Duchow

Secretary, Foundation Board
Public Affairs Mgr. So Cal Gas Co

Taft College Foundation Board of Directors

Adam Alvidrez

Policy, Govt & Public Affairs Chevron

Janice Ashley

Nurse Practitioner

Joe Ashley

Director – Regulatory & External Affairs, California Resources Corporation

Larry Buttke  

Community Member

Richard Chapman

President, Kern Economic Development Corporation

Carole Cohen

Retired Educator

Dr. David Cothrun

Retired WKCCD Supt. /President

Dr. Deb Daniels

Superintendent/ President, WKCCD

Penelope Fulton

Finance Services/ Retired

Kirk Hessler  

Vice President, Citizens Bank

Elizabeth Howard 

Owner, Howard Financial and Wealth Management

Sheri Horn-bunk

Sheri Horn-Bunk

Executive Director Foundation & Development

Carolyn Hosking

Retired WKCCD Trustee

Jamie Little

Plant Manager, Synagro

Dr. Loretta Lipscomb 

Retired VP Student Instruction

Traco Matthews

Public Affairs Specialist, Aera Energy

Roland Maier 

Executive Director, First 5 Kern

Suzanne Noble  

Vice President, Western States Petroleum Association

Nick Ortiz

President/CEO, Greater Bakersfield Chamber of Commerce

Bill Phillimore 

Executive Vice President, Paramount Farming Co.

Trent Rosenlieb 

Asset Manager, LINN Energy

Ray Scott

Administrator, Price Disposal

Kal Vaughn

President, West Coast Construction and Mechanical

Taft College Foundation Resources

Mahea Maui

Development Associate

Javier Reyes Jr

Development Officer

Ermeritas Life Member

John Miller

Retireed WKCCD Trustee

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