Student Learning Outcomes

The mission of the Student Learning Outcomes (SLO) team is to assist faculty and staff in the development of student learning outcomes, effective authentic assessment, and analysis of data. This is achieved through thoughtful and considered improvements to courses, programs, and services with a culture of evidence and on-going dialogue.

The SLO team values the culture of inquiry, integrity of the data, and the academic freedom of faculty to determine the best method for student learning and success. The SLO team houses and coordinates the assessment efforts as described by each unit, division, program, service, and course area.

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Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Steering Committee Membership

Position Name Email Phone
Member Tina Mendoza
Faculty - Social Science (661)763-7860

Michelle Beasley
Faculty - Early Childcare Studies (661)763-7911

Dr. Sharyn Eveland
Faculty - Social Science3 (661)763-7866
Member Kamala Carlson
Faculty – English and Language Arts (661)763-7825
Member Kenneth Smith
Faculty – Social Science (661)763-7920
Member Paul Blake
Faculty – Engineering (661)763-7736
Member Terri Smith
Faculty – Research and Instruction Librarian (661)763-7817

Support Contacts

Sharyn Eveland, SLO Coordinator

Brandy Young, Executive Assistant, Institutional Effectiveness