Event Planning guide

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Step 1

Submit the online event request form below.

  • Submit the request by or before the 20th day of the month prior to have the event placed on the student life calendar.
  • The online event request form must be submitted a minimum of 10 (ten) days prior to the event.

Event Request Form

Step 2

If requesting the use of a classroom or conference room, contact HR to reserve that location once the event request has been approved.

Step 3

Once the event is approved and a location is secured, begin publicizing the event.

  1. Create a flyer and email it to mcutrona@taftcollege.edu in a word document prior to posting or handing out.
  2. Follow the posting policy to place flyers or posters around campus.

Step 4

Complete and submit the Event Report immediately following the event.

Step 5

Turn in all revenue generated from a fundraiser to the cashier at the cashier’s desk in the Administration Building.

  1. Turn in a copy of the deposit slip to the ASO mailbox or scan and email it to mcutrona@tafcollege.edu

Step 6

Remove all posters and/or flyers immediately following the event.

All activities must be held virtually for the Fall 2020 semester. Canvas and Zoom will be the platforms used to conduct club events.  Club leaders will work with the club advisor or the ASO advisor to host meetings and/or events using Zoom.