Student Trustee

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Student Trustee

The student trustee is responsible for attending all meetings of the West Kern Community College District (WKCCD) Board of Trustees and all other campus committee meetings as an Associated Student Organization representative and shall be recognized as a full member of these committees.

The student trustee shall act as a non-voting member of the WKCCD Board

How is the Student Trustee elected at Taft College?
The Student Trustee shall be voted upon by the student population. The voting occurs during the spring TC ASO General Elections preceding the term of service, and commence his/her term of office at the first WKCCD Board of Trustees meeting in July.

If no student candidate runs for Student Trustee during the spring elections, appointment may be made following a campus-wide posting and application period of two weeks beginning the first week of September, open to all eligible students at Taft College.  Applicants who have submitted all required application documents on or before the deadline, and who meet the required qualifications, will be guaranteed interviews by the Student Trustee Selection Committee which shall be composed of the TC ASO Executive Board, a Student Representative, ASO Advisor, and/or the Dean of Student Success.