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ASO - Associated Student Organization

The Associated Student Organization is the official governing organization of students enrolled at Taft College. Students are encouraged to support this student organization through purchasing a current ASO sticker (ONLY $30).   By purchasing a sticker, students will have access to the gaming area in the Student Center, be able to take advantage of the book rental program, can participate in all ASO events, are eligible to win ASO prizes, and can receive discounts on ASO field trips.  With the ASO sticker, students can also receive discounts at some of the local businesses.  Below is a list of the business giving discounts to Taft College students with a student ID card and an ASO sticker.


Auto Parts and Repairs
Carquest Autoparts
617 6th ST, Taft, CA 93268
(661) 763-4102
10% Discount
Messenger Automotive 531 Center St, Taft, CA 93268
(661) 763-1123
10% Discount


Restaurants and Food
Foster's Donut 1040 Kern St, Taft, CA 93268
(661) 763-5453
10% Discount
Tacos Y Mariscos 330 Kern St, Taft, CA 93268
(661) 745-4948
10% Discount
Roots Eatery 1107 Kern St, Taft, CA 93268
(661) 745-5050
10% Discount
China One Express
1072 Kern St, Taft, CA 93260
(661) 765-6800
10% Discount
Paik's Ranch House 200 Kern St, Taft, CA 93268
(661) 765-6915
10% Discount
The Bank Sports Lounge 431 North St, Taft, CA 93268
(661) 745-4963
Free Drink with Entree

ASO Executive Board and Committee

The ASO executive board is comprised of a president, vice president, interclub commissioner, secretary/treasurer, and social media and publicity officer.  Members of the board are chosen by the student body every year in the spring ASO Elections held either the last week of April or the first week in May.  To be eligible for a board position or to become a member of the ASO committee, students must be enrolled in a minimum of 5 units with a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher.

At the beginning of the fall semester, if ASO positions are vacant, the Advisor will hold a special election to fill the vacancies within the first 3 weeks of school.  Once the board is filled, the members can appoint student members of the committee to an ASO director position.  The number of directors appointed each year is dependent on the needs of the board.

The ASO executive board, directors, and other club leaders now have an office space in the new student center (office #306, the office to the left in the picture above).  This space is dedicated to students who are committed to bringing student life to the peers through club involvement and events.  Student leaders will be identified and verified by the club advisor before receiving access to the office.  Once the names of the club leaders are submitted to the ASO Advisor, their names will be added to the student leaders’ office list. Students must show their Taft College student ID with an ASO sticker on the back to access the dedicated office space.   The space can be used to host club meetings, do club-related work, and to collaborate on ideas with other club leaders

If you are interested in becoming a director, becoming a committee member, or learning more about ASO, send an email to

Our Mission

The purpose of the TC ASO is to provide students with the opportunity to take part in student-centered governance.  This association will allow students to effectively communicate, create, and maintain community, as well as provide and support co-curricular learning through group meetings, seminars, and events.  It will provide a means for responsible and effective participation in the governance of the campus; provide an official voice through which students’ opinions may be expressed; and, provide opportunities for all members of the college community to establish memorable experiences and life-long relationships.  Students will unite for a common purpose of equality, fairness, and respect creating an inclusive environment that will support all groups.

Executive Board

  • President:  Angelissa Garza
  • Vice President:  Quentin Butler
  • Social Media & Publicity Officer: Giselle Hovind
  • Interclub Commissioner: Priscilla Pyun
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Ashley Ramires
  • Directors:
    • 4 positions available

  • New Board Vacancy

    • Director of Legislative Affairs

Calendar Details and Upcoming Events


For more information, contact the ASO office at 661-763-7887.  Send an email to