Liberal Arts – Social and Behavioral Science Emphasis

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Liberal Arts – Social and Behavioral Science Emphasis

If you plan to continue your education, you are encouraged to choose a transfer degree (AA-Transfer) rather than this general degree.  A transfer degree is useful in limiting the number of units that you are required to take at your transfer institution, and ensuring that courses that you take at Taft College are accepted at your next institution.


The Associate in Arts Degree in Liberal Arts with Areas of Emphasis is intended for students not planning to transfer to a 4-year university. This degree is designed to prepare students for life in the global community by developing a core of knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary for personal and professional success.



These courses allow students to gain a basic knowledge of the cultural and social organizations in which they exist as well as the behavior and social organizations of other human societies. Students will develop an understanding of the perspectives and methods of the social and behavioral sciences.


Select 18 units from the following requirements:

ANTH 1512 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology (3)
ARCH 1501 Introduction to Archaeology (2)
BSAD 1560* Introduction to Mathematical Analysis (4)
CJA 1501 Introduction to the Administration of Justice (3)
CJA 1521 Introduction to Corrections (3)
DSE 1501 Introduction to Developmental Disabilities (3)
ECON 1560* Introduction to Mathematical Analysis (4)
HIST 2202 Western Civilization to 1600 (3)
HIST 2204 Western Civilization from 1600 (3)
HIST 2210 World Civilization to 1600 (3)
MATH 1560* Introduction to Mathematical Analysis (4)
PHIL 1501 Introduction to Philosophy (3)
PHIL 1531 The World’s Living Religions (3)
PSYC 1500 Introduction to Psychology (3)
PSYC 2033 Personal and Social Adjustment (3)
PSYC 2200 Elementary Statistics for the Behavioral and Social Sciences (4)
SOC 1510 Introduction to Sociology (3)
*BSAD 1560 or ECON 1560 or MATH 1560