Physical Science Department

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Physical Science Department

The mission of the physical sciences is to engage students in the scientific exploration of the physical universe with well-qualified faculty, safe and relevant hands-on experiences, and modern technical resources. The skill sets acquired by our students will provide a foundation for future learning and promote the realization of career goals.


Program Summary

The Physical Sciences at Taft College encompass  courses in diverse fields of inquiry including: astronomy, chemistry, geology, physical geography, and physics. The core of our population arise from students satisfying general education requirements, with such courses as astronomy and physical geography, as well as students meeting prerequisites for allied health field programs with such courses as introductory chemistry and organic chemistry.  Additionally, our science major population is strong in general chemistry, and we are modernizing our offerings in calculus based physics, non-calculus based physics and quantitative chemical analysis.  All of our courses are transferable to both UC and CSU systems.


“You cannot teach a person anything; you can only help them discover it in themselves.”
– Galileo Galilei