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Work Study

Work Study provides on campus jobs for eligible students.  Work Study offers students the opportunity to earn money to help pay educational expenses, enhance employment skills and gain valuable experience.  Eligibility is based on financial aid standing and enrollment status.  All students are considered for employment. The hourly rate is at least the current minimum wage.  The total work study award depends on the student’s financial need and the amount of money the school has available for the program.  Taft College students currently enrolled may work up to a maximum of 20 hours per week.  The college primarily utilizes the College Central Network website which links employers with prospective job candidates.

To participate in the program, a student must maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress as determined by the college.  Additional information is provided under the Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy (available in the Financial Aid Office & in the school catalog).


Students interested in applying for a work study job must follow the steps below:

College Central Network

Please click here to be directed to the College Central Network page and follow these steps:
Click on the icon for “Students”
Click on Create Account

When creating an account for the first time:
Enter student ID (example: A00282828)
Create a password
Complete all required fields (marked with a red *)

After creating an account, a “home page” will appear.  Under the icon “My Resumes”, the student have the ability to upload or build a resume.

Once registered with the College Central Network, the student may:

Create online resume

Build, update and forward online career portfolio to employers

Required Online Training

All student workers MUST complete the following online training courses.

Registration/Login click here
When registering for the training, use your Taft College Student Number (i.e. A00123456) as your User Name.