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A new Textbook Adoption Request form has been created to streamline the process of changing, adding, deleting or updating textbooks and course materials. There is now one form to be completed for this process. The adoption form should be completed with all pertinent information regarding your textbook and course materials needed for you and your students. This allows the bookstore to return unwanted textbook inventory and Instructional Support Services to note changes to the COR.
The Textbook Adoption Request Form can be accessed here: Textbook Adoption Form or through the Taft College Bookstore website.

The summer and fall semesters textbook adoption request deadline is April 1st

The spring semester textbook adoption request deadline is October 1st

Some items to remember when filling out a new Textbook Adoption Request:

1. Please ensure you provide the correct ISBN on your request.

2. When completing a new Textbook Adoption Request for a textbook, please complete a separate form for each format i.e. e-book, rental, and purchase textbooks if you want one, two, or all three of these options available for your students. Required additional supplies can be listed on one Textbook Adoption Request.

3. If you require a supply item for your course, please provide the name of product, item number, and the vendor or manufacturer in order for the Bookstore to have the proper supplies in stock for your students.

4. When selecting a textbook as a rental, please remember that this textbook will be used for six semesters or three years. The Bookstore provides rentals on most textbooks when a textbook’s wholesale price is over seventy-five dollars. All consumable textbooks (workbooks) are made available for purchase only.

5. If requesting a brand new textbook, please ensure that you provide a copy of the textbook along with the Textbook Adoption Request for Instructional Support Services to review and finalize the approval process. If requesting an updated edition to a textbook, a Textbook Adoption Request is to be completed. A copy of the updated edition of the textbook and signature from the Division Chair are not required.

6. When adding a new textbook to your course, please remember to inform us which textbook is being removed if any.

7. After a Textbook Adoption Request has been processed and the textbook has been purchased, you will receive a confirmation email from the Bookstore Manager.

8. If the Taft College Bookstore notifies you that they are unable to obtain additional textbooks or course materials for an upcoming semester, a new Textbook Adoption Request will need to be completed. The Bookstore will notify the V.P. of Instruction, Division Chair, and faculty if this occurs. In these circumstances, a Textbook Adoption Request will be accepted past the original deadline dates.