Taft’s Got Talent

By David Garcia, Arely Mondragon, Denae Ayala

Taft’s first annual “Performance Circle” is hosted by Professor Brian Jean and performed by many Taft College professors, staff and students.

The performances are held on the last Monday of each month. Skills vary from singing and dancing to playing instruments or performing a play. If you have a talent, come show it off!


Emily playing the piano


The second Monday of performances was for students. Before each student performed, they gave the audience an insight of their talent background.

The first to perform was Joey Smith; he killed his performance with his own mash up of Spanish rhythm style on his guitar. Smith brought up that the guitar he played with was purchased at a yard sale for only $10 a couple years back.

He also mentioned how he was never really interested in playing the guitar until years after he purchased it. Smith became interested in playing so he started looking up YouTube videos to learn how to string and play his guitar.

Fast forward to today, he now has the ability to perform in front of an audience.

Joey Smith and Carlos Medina

Second to perform was Carlos Medina, an outstanding bongo player. Medina has been playing since he was in the fifth grade. He mentioned he first taught himself how to play drums then transitioned into playing the bongo.

Next to perform was Emily Salazar; she gave an amazing performance playing the piano. Salazar performed a beautiful melody which was the first song she learned how to play.

Following her performance was Liz Greynolds, a poet. Liz has been writing poems for three years.

Last to show her talent was Samantha. She performed  a remarkably choreographed dance. Samantha said she has been dancing for 10 years and hoped everyone enjoyed her performance.


Samantha shows her best moves

Liz Greynolds reads her poetry