Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

By Alex-Zandria Corbin

There are many options for colleges to transfer to; yet, which one is the right choice?

Many people take tours to see if the campus is suited to their major. Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, is one of the options to transfer too. On the tour of Cal Poly, the people who guide them are students who attend the college.

The tour takes you through the library, the dorms, classrooms and different departments of education. The campus itself is one of the largest in California, covering about 9,678 acres of land.

The tour guides explain how the school is on the quarter system, while some California State Universities are on the semester system. They also guide you to the gym, cafeteria, and recreational centers.

The campus and the city have many activities to do daily. Additionally, the campus hosts WOW (Week of Welcome) orientation the week before classes start. It welcomes new students to the campus and hosts an entire week of activities for these students.

Overall, the campus is a great start to independence for all types of students. The school is serious about the education of their students.


Crystal Galindo–“Art of Self Portrait”


By Alex-Zandria Corbin

Crystal Galindo and  Nelly Ponce

Crystal Galindo visited Taft College at the request of Tina Mendoza to display and enlighten students. She was born and raised in Tulare County. She then graduated high school and attended community college for eight years. During community college she became a teaching assistant. She then transferred onto Sonoma State University.

She looks up to the singer Selena Quintanilla as a major icon. Selena was one of the few people who she related to who was famous. Selena represented Crystal artistically. She talked a lot about representation and how important it is to have this exposure. She says, “When you don’t see yourself uplifted, in the media, in magazines, in movies, on Instagram, anywhere, you don’t see people who look like you getting praised, it makes you feel invisible.”

Crystal Galindo’s Artwork

She says that she found her voice through art.  She started using social media as a platform for her artwork. She started taking selfies to build her own self-confidence and her own representation. She went to a university where she was the only one representing herself. Yet, she strived and struggled through the challenges. Overall, her message through her artwork was empowering. She is a humble and strong-willed  person. Crystal is the embodiment for her culture and encourages others to embrace who they are as an individual.





Student Service Building Update

Alex-Zandria Corbin

Construction continues on the new student service building, the plan is in the utilities trenching stage. The building will be the newest addition to Taft College. It is  in the beginning stages of construction. The demolition began with the dorms that weren’t being used. Now all of the demolition is complete . The project has had some delay due to the rainy weather season. Despite this, progress has still been made.

It is expected to be completed in the spring or summer of 2018. The building is expected to house a new cafeteria, bookstore, mail room, office rooms, and student center. The construction will cost about 12 million dollars and is 21,000 square feet. The money was approved back in 2004, so Taft College could have new buildings throughout campus to enrich the lives of the students. Measure A was approved by the citizens of Taft to have improvements made to the college.

With the new student service center, it eliminates students from lounging in their cars in the parking lots between their classes. It gives the students a place to hang out with classmates or friends, and they can complete group assignments, class projects or any other homework they have to complete. Yet, for more improvements and construction at Taft College,  another bond will have to be passed.

“Get Out” Movie Review

By Alex-Zandria Corbin

The motion picture “Get Out” was released to the movie theaters on Feb. 24, with a 100 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes. The genre of the movie is a horror and a comedy.

The film is about a young man’s visit to his girlfriend’s parent’s home. When he arrives he notices the neighborhood around him, gives a strange and unfamiliar disturbance.

Daniel Kayluuya stars as Chris Washington, a photographer. Allison Williams portrays  Chris’ girlfriend Rose Armitage. Lil Rey Howrey portrays Rod Williams, Chris’ best friend and comic relief.

It begins with a song called “Redbone” by Childish Gambino. The lyrics to the song have the reoccurring theme to the entire picture. Rose’s family take advantage of the young men who visit the house. Her father, a neurosurgeon, uses his skills to transfer the youths’ bodies and vitality to family members and friends.

The movie itself was well thought out and put together, and well acted. Not only did it have the entertainment aspects of it, but it also had thought processes. The feature discusses the realities of being an African-American, particularly an African American male.

The movie shows a humanitarian type of discrimination. The antagonists appear to portray a tranquil environment. Yet, they make it seem that they aren’t a threat to begin with. There are events in the film that have happened in the past with Black and White Americans and also in the present day. Overall, the movie has enjoyment but also contains realist perspectives.

Daniel Kaluuya stars as Chris Washington

Honoring Kal Vaughn


photo Kal Vaughn

President of the Taft College Board of Trustees Presents Kal Vaughn with Award if Service

The West Kern Community College District recognized Kal Vaughn’s service for being n the Board of Trustee’s. From 2008 to 2016, Kal Vaughn has been an exceptional Board Member.

He was elected to the Board in 2008. For him, the Taft College background runs in his family. His mother Susan Brown and his mother-in-law Rita are both retiree’s from Taft College. His son Micheal, has also graduated from Taft College.

Vaughn stated, “One of the bucket list experiences of my lifetime, was being able to hand my son Michael his diploma from Taft College as he walked across the stage.”

Billy White, the President of the Board of Trustees, honored Kal Vaughn for his hard work and commitment to the board. He remarked, “His dedication to the college is just beyond belief.”

White hopes that Kal Vaughn continues being involved with the college. Finally, Vaughn plans to  be a member of the  Taft College Foundation Board.

People enjoying the reception for Kal Vaughn