Taft College Faculty Fashion Show

By Alberto Muro


Taft College’s faculty wore stylish garments and participated in a fashion show.

Taft College’s ASB made the decision to erect a runway  in the quad and gathered Taft College faculty members to participate in a fashion show. The fashion show was designed to alleviate the pressures of oncoming finals that students will endure but it also gave students the opportunity to admire the summer attire of faculty members.

The fashion show began when Taft College ASB President Luis Fernandez welcomed everyone to the extravagant event. Despite the warm sun beating down on spectators and participants, the event was in full swing as the music began to play and the volunteer models prepared themselves to walk the runway.

The first faculty member to walk the stage was Sheri  Horn-Bunk who wore an outfit that reflected on her love for Golf. Not only did she look comfortable in her attire, but she was also ready to tee off when she took out her golf club and placed the golf ball on the runway. She aligned herself and took the shot, as the golf ball moved, Sheri followed and she waved at everyone.


Fort and Taft College Wine Tasting

By Alberto Muro & Alex-Zandria Corbin


It was an evening of fine wine and jazz at The Historic Fort in Taft.


on April 27 Students of Taft College’s Transition to Independent Living  program worked with The Historic Fort to host the annual wine tasting. The event was held at The Fort as part of a charity event. People that attended the event were able to head indoors and silently bid on items, or take their chances with the outdoors auction. The proceeds from both auctions will be divided between TIL students and The Fort.

Live entertainment was provided by the Taft Union High School jazz band. Taft High teacher Amanda Posey brought her third period jazz band to perform for the wine tasting attendees. The soothing jazz tunes from the high school band created a vibrant environment for people to have discussions and share a couple of laughs.

The event began with Joe’ll Chaidez, Taft College testing director/assessment specialist, welcoming everyone to the wine tasting and also thanking the sponsors for their contributions. Mr Chaidez said he was astounded to learn that he would be hosting the auction for a third time. As Mr Chaidez concluded his welcoming message he also gave important tips to attendees, “spend up, eat up, drink up,” which was met with applause.

Taft College chef Geoff Dunham prepared the food and the TIL students assisted chef Geoff by serving the patrons. It was later announced by Mr Chaidez that the food was ready and the lines began forming. Local Mexican restaurant Flaco’s Tacos were also present and representatives walked around offering patrons the choice of their deserts between strawberry and chocolate churros.


Overall, the wine tasting event was classy, graceful and possessed an elegant environment. The attendees were courteous towards each other and expressed their joy for the Taft Union High School jazz band. The auction had a beneficial cause towards the TIL students and the upkeep of The Fort.

Bakersfield Country and Craft Festival

By Alberto Muro

Country music and great beverages came to Downtown Bakersfield.

The 3rd annual Bakersfield Country and Craft Festival was held at Mill Creek Park in downtown Bakersfield. Bakersfield’s very own Lengthwise organized the event as part of their multiple charity craft festivals in which all of the proceeds go to local children’s charities throughout Kern County.

On a warm Saturday afternoon, hundreds of people began lining up around Mill Creek Park dressed from head to toe in their best country themed clothes such as boots, hats, and overalls. The crowd grew ecstatic as the line of people began moving through the gates as they were greeted by friendly security. Patrons were also given souvenir Country and Craft Festival cups for sampling beverages.

Life-sized Jenga games and Cornhole boards gave attendees the opportunity to make new friends. While under pressure, attendees showed off their multitasking skills by playing Jenga while having a beverage in the other hand.

As impressive as it may seem, the arrogance in other players saw the immediate downfall of the wood pieces. The other participants that played on the Cornhole boards put their accuracy to the test as they launched sacks onto a smooth wooden surface with hopes of landing in the hole.

Local breweries from Kern County were also at Country and Craft Festival and also provided refreshments for attendees. Dionysus, one of Bakersfield’s newest breweries, served one of their popular beverages called “Sour Funk,” and anyone who tasted it left with a smile on their face. Dionysus employees went above and beyond to provide patrons with quality beverages and were very welcoming with their friendly attitudes.

Although local restaurants provided food for patrons, local brewery and host of the event Lengthwise stole the show once again with their infamous and delicious roasted pig. Lengthwise has provided the sensational pork attraction at all their charity craft events which attracts a flock of cameras and hungry mouths. Lengthwise also provided beverages and food to keep hungry onlookers occupied as they waited for the roasted pig to be ready.

The craft festivals in Bakersfield provide relief to charities throughout Kern County and also help bring a community together by turning strangers into friends.

Linn Energy Student Internships

By Alberto Muro

Trent Rosenlib of Linn Energy spoke to Taft College Energy Technology students about upcoming internships in their summer program.

On March 14, Manager of Government/Regulation Affairs Trent Rosenlib held a discussion about the upcoming opportunities that Linn energy has to offer to Taft College students for the summer. Mr. Rosenlib began by introducing himself to the class and talked about his involvement with the political aspect of his job and said, “I have to deal with regulators and legislators from Sacramento to Washington D.C.”

Mr. Rosenlib talked about environmental safety when working at Linn Energy; he says, “If you ever have the desire to leave this industry, you can take this skill set and cross over into any other industry.” Another important feature of working for Linn Energy is making sure you are up to date with the laws since every year new laws are passed. Mr Rosenlib held up a large intimidating book and said, “These are the 2017 environmental laws for California.” Everyone looked astounded by the amount of regulations and understood that following guidelines is definitely an asset for Linn Energy.

Linn Energy is currently offering an internship opportunity for Taft College students with the desire to enter the petroleum industry. Students will have the option to either be part of the drilling department or the EHS (Environmental, Health and Safety) group. The internships begin in June and will conclude in August. Mr. Rosenlib encouraged that students take advantage of the internships at Linn Energy since it will help them secure a career.