Taft College Faculty Fashion Show

Taft College Faculty Fashion Show

By Alberto Muro


Taft College’s faculty wore stylish garments and participated in a fashion show.

Taft College’s ASB made the decision to erect a runway  in the quad and gathered Taft College faculty members to participate in a fashion show. The fashion show was designed to alleviate the pressures of oncoming finals that students will endure but it also gave students the opportunity to admire the summer attire of faculty members.

The fashion show began when Taft College ASB President Luis Fernandez welcomed everyone to the extravagant event. Despite the warm sun beating down on spectators and participants, the event was in full swing as the music began to play and the volunteer models prepared themselves to walk the runway.

The first faculty member to walk the stage was Sheri  Horn-Bunk who wore an outfit that reflected on her love for Golf. Not only did she look comfortable in her attire, but she was also ready to tee off when she took out her golf club and placed the golf ball on the runway. She aligned herself and took the shot, as the golf ball moved, Sheri followed and she waved at everyone.