Fort and Taft College Wine Tasting

Fort and Taft College Wine Tasting

By Alberto Muro & Alex-Zandria Corbin


It was an evening of fine wine and jazz at The Historic Fort in Taft.


on April 27 Students of Taft College’s Transition to Independent Living  program worked with The Historic Fort to host the annual wine tasting. The event was held at The Fort as part of a charity event. People that attended the event were able to head indoors and silently bid on items, or take their chances with the outdoors auction. The proceeds from both auctions will be divided between TIL students and The Fort.

Live entertainment was provided by the Taft Union High School jazz band. Taft High teacher Amanda Posey brought her third period jazz band to perform for the wine tasting attendees. The soothing jazz tunes from the high school band created a vibrant environment for people to have discussions and share a couple of laughs.

The event began with Joe’ll Chaidez, Taft College testing director/assessment specialist, welcoming everyone to the wine tasting and also thanking the sponsors for their contributions. Mr Chaidez said he was astounded to learn that he would be hosting the auction for a third time. As Mr Chaidez concluded his welcoming message he also gave important tips to attendees, “spend up, eat up, drink up,” which was met with applause.

Taft College chef Geoff Dunham prepared the food and the TIL students assisted chef Geoff by serving the patrons. It was later announced by Mr Chaidez that the food was ready and the lines began forming. Local Mexican restaurant Flaco’s Tacos were also present and representatives walked around offering patrons the choice of their deserts between strawberry and chocolate churros.


Overall, the wine tasting event was classy, graceful and possessed an elegant environment. The attendees were courteous towards each other and expressed their joy for the Taft Union High School jazz band. The auction had a beneficial cause towards the TIL students and the upkeep of The Fort.