Finale: Performing Circle

Finale: Performing Circle

By Arely Mondragon

Taft’s College first annual Performing Circle has came to an end with the last performance of the semester.

The performance was held on April 24 in the quad and included both students and staff at Taft College.

The first to perform was Joey Smith; he performed an incredible acoustic song with his guitar.

The second to perform was geology instructor, Thomas Ware. He played an outstanding song with his guitar.

Next was an amazing dance performed by Vicky Waugh. She performed a tap dance that had the crowd amazed.

Vicky Waugh tap dances for the crowd

The fourth to perform  was sophomore student Vanessa; she also performed tap.

Next up was student Alexander Victoria, he read his poetry that had the audience in awe.

The sixth performance was a color-guard coach at Lincoln High School, Asia Fee. She gave an incredible performance using a rifle and a flag that impressed the crowd.

Asia Fee

Next to perform , was host of Performing Circle and professor at Taft, Brian Jean.He played his very own guitar harpa.

The final performance was from members of the Taft High School Jazz Band. They performed two jazz numbers including “Pick Up The Pieces.”

Video: Vicky Waugh tap dances

Taft’s High School students performed a jazz number.


Alexander Victoria reading his poetry for the audience.


Vanessa tap dancing

Joey Smith playing his guitar.