Clean Clean Clean

Clean Clean Clean

By David Garcia

No, I didn’t go to Coachella, no I didn’t go to Mexico, and no I didn’t just stay home and do nothing. The words spring break does not exist in our household because all I did was clean, work and the highlight of the week, watch “13 Reasons Why.”

As soon as I got home, my mother told me, “You’re on break? Good, because we have a lot of things to do.” Trust me; she was not kidding; what did she make me do you may ask? Deep clean the backyard, flattened the dirt to put down stepping stones, clean the side yard, the other side yard, the garage, the cars, my room, go to the recycle station which can take over 3 hours if you can believe it, and this does not include my eight hour shifts at work and school work.

A ton of people go to Coachella each year; in 2015 a total of 198,000 people attended both weekends 99,000 per weekends which is one hell of an amount of people.  That is not including the people that snuck in because almost at every event there is always someone that sneaks in.

But they not only went to Coachella, but a ton of teens went to spring break capitals of the world which include exotic places and sometimes even out of the country, some brave enough to go to  Mexico,  specifically Rosarito.

But the fun stories of  being out is not for me, and I am sure not for a lot of people. I’d say that the best thing that happened during spring break was that I binge watched “13 Reasons Why” which happens to be my current favorite show until “The Walking Dead” and “Stranger Things” comes back on.

Spring break is supposed to be about fun, and my mother thinks I had fun cleaning dirt in each individual 643 stepping stones in our backyard. Yeah, I had blast knowing that no one but my three dogs, sister and parents are going to be the only ones to ever see my masterpiece.

It’s okay; I know I did a wonderful job.