“Patel’s Threading and Henna Art” Review

“Patel’s Threading and Henna Art” Review

By Nicole Ransick

Eyebrow threading is a form of hair removal made popular in south Asia. The hair is removed from its follicle using a special kind of Indian thread.

This knowledge was bestowed on me after walking into Patel’s Threading and Henna Art, located on Ming Avenue in Bakersfield.

When you walk into Patel’s, the walls are brightly colored and show pictures that both demonstrate and explain how eyebrows are threaded.

The cost of getting your eyebrows threaded at Patel’s is $10. I have tried a few eyebrow threading places, and compared to the other locations, the employees at this business were really nice.

Although eyebrow threading is painful, I believe it is worth the cost. In comparison to waxing, threading makes my eyebrows look more symmetric and sharp looking. I would recommend Patel’s to other people in regards to eyebrow threading, they did an amazing job and were friendly. I cannot comment on their Henna Art, as I have yet to try it, but it is another service offered by the business.