“Get Out” Movie Review

“Get Out” Movie Review

By Alex-Zandria Corbin

The motion picture “Get Out” was released to the movie theaters on Feb. 24, with a 100 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes. The genre of the movie is a horror and a comedy.

The film is about a young man’s visit to his girlfriend’s parent’s home. When he arrives he notices the neighborhood around him, gives a strange and unfamiliar disturbance.

Daniel Kayluuya stars as Chris Washington, a photographer. Allison Williams portrays  Chris’ girlfriend Rose Armitage. Lil Rey Howrey portrays Rod Williams, Chris’ best friend and comic relief.

It begins with a song called “Redbone” by Childish Gambino. The lyrics to the song have the reoccurring theme to the entire picture. Rose’s family take advantage of the young men who visit the house. Her father, a neurosurgeon, uses his skills to transfer the youths’ bodies and vitality to family members and friends.

The movie itself was well thought out and put together, and well acted. Not only did it have the entertainment aspects of it, but it also had thought processes. The feature discusses the realities of being an African-American, particularly an African American male.

The movie shows a humanitarian type of discrimination. The antagonists appear to portray a tranquil environment. Yet, they make it seem that they aren’t a threat to begin with. There are events in the film that have happened in the past with Black and White Americans and also in the present day. Overall, the movie has enjoyment but also contains realist perspectives.

Daniel Kaluuya stars as Chris Washington