Honoring Kal Vaughn

Honoring Kal Vaughn


photo Kal Vaughn

President of the Taft College Board of Trustees Presents Kal Vaughn with Award if Service

The West Kern Community College District recognized Kal Vaughn’s service for being n the Board of Trustee’s. From 2008 to 2016, Kal Vaughn has been an exceptional Board Member.

He was elected to the Board in 2008. For him, the Taft College background runs in his family. His mother Susan Brown and his mother-in-law Rita are both retiree’s from Taft College. His son Micheal, has also graduated from Taft College.

Vaughn stated, “One of the bucket list experiences of my lifetime, was being able to hand my son Michael his diploma from Taft College as he walked across the stage.”

Billy White, the President of the Board of Trustees, honored Kal Vaughn for his hard work and commitment to the board. He remarked, “His dedication to the college is just beyond belief.”

White hopes that Kal Vaughn continues being involved with the college. Finally, Vaughn plans to  be a member of the  Taft College Foundation Board.

People enjoying the reception for Kal Vaughn